Xypex Chemical Corporation Announces New Leadership: Mike Hardman Appointed as New CEO

Mike Hardman Brings Over Four Decades of Industry Experience to Lead Xypex into a New Era of Innovation and Growth

Xypex Chemical Corporation, a global leader in concrete waterproofing and protection, is excited to announce the appointment of Mike Hardman as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mike, who has been an independent member of Xypex’s Board of Directors since its acquisition by TorQuest in March 2021, brings an outstanding wealth of experience and expertise to this role.

Mike has spent his entire career, some 46 years, in the field of construction chemicals in positions ranging from development chemist, technical services and sales to operations management and general management. He is a past president of Sika Canada (22 years), Sika South Africa (3 years) and National Concrete Accessories (a Xypex customer for four years). He is currently the chairman of Xypex’s Environmental Health and Safety Committee. We wish him every success in his new position with Xypex.

As an accomplished leader, Mike has a strong track record of driving sales growth, improving profitability, and developing talent. His direct involvement in 19 acquisitions, primarily with Sika, showcases his strategic acumen. His experience as the chairman of Xypex's Environmental Health and Safety Committee further cements his dedication to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Xypex is confident that Mike’s appointment will accelerate our growth. His extensive experience in senior management positions, combined with his deep understanding of the construction specialty chemicals and industrial adhesives industries, makes him an ideal leader for Xypex.

About Xypex:

For over six decades, Xypex's proprietary Crystalline Technology has set an international standard in concrete waterproofing and protection. Our products are integral in the construction and restoration of critical infrastructure, including water and sewage systems, foundations, and marine structures. Our unique technology, tested and proven worldwide, offers unparalleled protection against water and liquid penetration, even under extreme hydrostatic conditions.

Our commitment to innovation and quality has positioned Xypex as one of the world’s leading manufacturers in our field. The Xypex product line, grounded in our proprietary Crystalline Technology, offers durable and permanent solutions, ensuring the longevity and integrity of concrete structures globally.

We congratulate Mike Hardman on his new role and look forward to the exciting journey ahead with him at the helm.

Source: Xypex Chemical Corporation

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