CNBC Series, Inside the Blueprint, Features Vancouver-Based Xypex Chemical Corp. in Its Focus on Innovators Series

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The innovation behind Xypex Chemical Corporation's crystalline waterproofing technology for concrete will be featured in the June 19 episode of Inside the Blueprint, an award-winning television series that chronicles ideas and products that impact our lives.

It's airing on Fox Business News on June 19 at 2 p.m. (Eastern), on Bloomberg News in LATAM on July 10 at 10 a.m. (Eastern) and in syndication thereafter. The episode describes how Xypex's proprietary crystalline waterproofing technology works deep inside the concrete mass to create a permanent waterproof structure that resists extreme hydrostatic pressure and self-heals cracks that can form. 

The episode explains that concrete is unrivaled as a building material. It is used in millions of building projects around the world. And while concrete is durable, it can deteriorate in harsh environmental conditions, causing large expenditures on remediation or replacement construction. Enter Xypex, a Vancouver-based company that developed a proprietary crystalline waterproofing technology in 1969. Proven over decades of use in all types of structures under the most challenging environmental conditions, Xypex was recently certified as the first and only admixture for waterproofing concrete in the EU. 

In this season's Focus on Innovation, Inside the Blueprint examines four critical steps that lead to cutting-edge products: Inspiration, the Idea, the Process, and the Impact. Inside the Blueprint traces these steps with members of the Xypex leadership team, who explain how Xypex significantly extends the life of concrete structures using a proprietary technology that is environmentally friendly and can extend the service life of structures from 50 to 150 years.

While the company is driven by innovation and leading-edge technology, its leadership team explains that Xypex prides itself on being in the "people business" through extensive support to its customers and longstanding relationships that make it the preferred product with architects, engineers and contractors in more than 90 countries around the globe.

Check out this episode of Inside the Blueprint to discover how Xypex plays an integral role in protecting iconic structures and critical infrastructure worldwide. Learn more,

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Since 1969, Xypex's proprietary Crystalline Technology has set an international standard of excellence in concrete waterproofing and protection. Based in Vancouver, Canada, Xypex Chemical Corporation manufactures a range of waterproofing and protection products used in the construction and restoration of water and sewage infrastructure, foundations, tunnels, maintenance holes, and marine structures. Its unique penetrating and crystallizing technology has been tested and proven worldwide in all climates and widely varying construction situations. Backed by a distribution/service network in more than 90 countries, Xypex's unique Crystalline Technology provides confidence and peace of mind to architects, engineers, contractors, and concrete producers. For more information, visit

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