XHVAL Offers Different Industrial Valves, as the Valve Market is Expected to Reach $101 Billion by 2020

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The global market for industrial valves is anticipated to skyrocket to $100 billion by 2020, according to an intelligence firm, Beroe, Inc. The significant rise in sales is due to developing regions, such as Africa and the Middle East, investing more in power plants, sewage treatment, and water supply facilities. This is why, XHVAL, a China-based valve manufacturing company, is committed to providing its clients with different industrial valves.

Important Findings

  • The oil and gas industry was a major player in the valve market in 2017. Due to the increasing demand for oil and gas across the globe, this industry is expected to grow even more.

  • The preference for automatic valves will have a significant rise in the coming years.

  • Asia-Pacific regions continue to play an important role, with India and China as the largest manufacturers and consumers.

Major Trends for the Valve Market

  • Increased demand from the power industry

Industrial valves in the power industry are used in an array of applications. These include feed pumps, steam conditioning, and boiler startups among others. In the United States alone, at least 61 nuclear plants were working commercially by December 2017. Because of this, the U.S. government is eyeing the installation of several new nuclear reactors to increase power generation.

  • Asia-Pacific will continue to dominate the valve market

In 2017, Asia-Pacific was leading the global valve market. This is because of the growing need for oil and gas, as well as water treatment in giant countries, such as Japan, China, and India.

Moreover, the chemical industry is expanding in China. The country has up its production capabilities, which increased the demand for valves.

There is also the increasing demand for fuel as the sales for vehicles and LPG continues to go up. This prompted the increase of oil refineries, where valves also play key roles.

  • Challenges of finding a good valve manufacturer

With the increasing demand for industrial valves, there is also the challenge of finding a good valve manufacturer. Even though there are many, valve manufacturers are pressured more than ever. 

Aside from the competition, expenses and other resources are becoming more difficult. They have to ensure the quality and, at the same time, meet the specific requirements of clients. This is why XHVAL and other prominent industrial valve manufacturers are focused on supplying high-quality valves to keep up with the demand. 


Founded in 1986, XHVAL is a valve manufacturer in China made of highly skilled engineers and employees. The company supplies different types of valves, including globe, check, ball, gate, and butterfly valves. XHVAL also offers customization services to ensure that the needs of its clients are met.

For more information on the industrial valves XHVAL offers, the company can be reached through the following details:

Telephone No.:+86 577 5768 9696

Fax:+86 577 5768 7959


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