Welding Robots: One of the Most In-Demand Robotic Arms From EVS Tech

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As manufacturing processes today become more sophisticated, the dangers they pose to humans also increase. This is the reason why the demand for industrial robots continues to rise. In addition, these robots are more accurate and never get tired of doing repetitive tasks. As a whole, industrial robots make manufacturing processes safer and more efficient.

EVS Robot is one of the top robot arm manufacturers in China that creates different types of industrial robotic arms. One of the company's most in-demand products is the welding robot.

EVS Welding Robot

Welding robots from EVS are designed to do welding work that is dangerous for people. These include TIG welding, MIG welding, arc welding, and spot welding. Even with their compact size, these welding robots are capable of working on large and complicated geometries. 

These robot arms are also designed to work 5x faster compared to an average human worker.  Aside from ensuring the safety of welding processes, welding robots from EVS can make the production process more timely with little to no errors. 

Welding robots from EVS are made from state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. To ensure their reliability and durability, these industrial robots go through high-standard testing machines.

Other Services of EVS

Aside from manufacturing robotic welding arms, EVS also extends its support to all of its clients by providing other services. In addition to the industrial robots, EVS offers welding positioners and robot walking rails to ensure optimal performance of the robot arms.

Clients of EVS will also have 24/7 access to the company's technical support. For all clients that need assistance with their robots or have more questions, simply contact EVS and one of its skilled employees will be available right away.

EVS Robot is known for its short lead time. Clients usually receive their industrial robot arms right away. The company's preparation time is only 15 days and, on special occasions, shorter due to stocks being readily available. All industrial robot arms from EVS also have a one-year warranty.

About EVS

EVS Tech Co., Ltd. is a top industrial robot arm manufacturer in China and the exclusive partner of QJAR Robotics. Some of the robot arms that EVS manufacture include SCARA robots, pick and place robotic arms, robotic spray painting systems, CNC robots, polishing robots, dispensing robots, 4-axis robots, and so many more. 

For more information, please visit https://www.evsint.com/ or contact the company through the following details:

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