Xbar Announces Launch of Personal 9-Bar Espresso Maker For True Coffee Lovers

Today, a respected team of coffee connoisseurs Xbar, announced the Kickstarter launch of the Xbar professional 9-bar espresso maker that gives anyone the power and precision to brew barista quality espresso at home or on the go. This stylish new espresso machine is available now for pre-order. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/983068691/xbar-personal-9-bar-espresso-maker-for-true-coffee-lovers

Many espresso machines in cafes use an automatic system for brewing but manual espresso machines are preferred for coffee artisans who wish to create different specialty drinks, custom brewing techniques, and unique flavor profiles. The problem with most manual espresso machines is that the brew pressure is uncontrollable and unstable, making it difficult to achieve a proper espresso. Xbar solves that problem, utilizing a compressed air system that provides stable and adjustable extraction pressure between 0-12 bars, which gives Xbar's coffee the same complex flavor and texture as the coffee made by large machines at local cafés.

"As passionate lovers of coffee, we had the desire to brew espresso like a barista at home, but we were unhappy with the choices available to us. Commercial espresso machines are prohibitively expensive and home machines lack the pressure needed to properly brew espresso. That's why we create Xbar, it's affordable yet uses a unique design with gas cartridges and manual application of brewing pressure so that coffee aficionados can perfectly match pressure profiles to achieve delicious, crema-covered espresso shots. With Xbar, anyone can easily make barista quality coffee in their own home." - CEO Vincent Hui, Xbar

Xbar is equipped with a Schrader valve and gas charger holder giving users two methods for creating the air pressure necessary for excellent espresso. The device works with either an air pump or gas charger as the pressure source, which can generate pressure to the optimum 9 bars to brew espresso. Unlike other home machines, Xbar is equipped with professional coffee machine parts, including standard commercial portafilters, 58mm filter baskets, and E61 shower screens, which are essential for brewing genuine crema-covered shots like a professional barista.

Xbar is instantly recognizable and incredibly well built. It stands out with a supremely stylish design, looks like a work of art and is the best espresso maker for true coffee lovers. It gives anyone the necessary power to brew incredibly delicious espresso each time and every time.

Xbar, Personal 9-Bar Espresso Maker is available now with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more visit the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/983068691/xbar-personal-9-bar-espresso-maker-for-true-coffee-lovers

Media Contact: hello@xbarespresso.com

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