BREVOY Launches Groundbreaking Portable Espresso Maker: Redefining On-the-Go Coffee Experience

Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker

BREVOY, an innovator in portable coffee technology, is excited to introduce the Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker, which redefines coffee enjoyment by making espresso brewing accessible anytime, anywhere.

Compact and versatile, the Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker boasts innovative 3-in-1 functionality, combining self-heating, brewing and tasting capabilities. It caters for both single and double espresso shots, and is compatible with ground coffee and capsules, ensuring a customizable coffee experience for all coffee lovers.

With its unique 3-in-1 functionality, the Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker eliminates the need for bulky kettles or traditional coffee machines. Every brew is an enjoyable and memorable experience, ensuring the perfect cup of espresso every time. Its groundbreaking double espresso function sets it apart from traditional espresso machines and offers an elevated coffee experience.

With a quick 3-minute self-heating function, users can enjoy their espresso conveniently. After filling with cold water, simply press the pump button for 2 seconds and enjoy the rich aroma and flavour of freshly brewed espresso within minutes.

Not only does the Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker deliver exceptional espresso, it also ensures long-lasting performance with its impressive battery life. Up to 300 cups of hot water brew or six cups of cold water brew can be made on a single charge, providing continuous enjoyment without the need for frequent recharging.

Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker is designed to give espresso lovers the ultimate brewing experience wherever they go. It's a perfect companion for those who see life as a series of journeys, offering the comfort of a familiar taste in unfamiliar settings. Brevoy's "Make & Take" feature and compact size allows coffee lovers to enjoy their favourite espresso shots whether commuting or in the office, camping or hiking, at home or on the go. Its sleek design and variety of colors make it a standout in any kitchen or home office.

"We are thrilled to introduce the Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker, giving coffee lovers the freedom to enjoy their favourite espresso wherever life takes them," said Andy Qiu, R&D at BREVOY. "With its innovative features and compact design, the Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker redefines on-the-go coffee enjoyment and ensures that every cup is a moment to savour."

The Brevoy Portable Espresso Maker is now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. For more information and to secure exclusive early bird specials, please visit

Source: BREVOY