Xavier Technologies Revolutionary New "Motion Controllers" to Render Keyboard Play Obsolete for FPS/Action Gamers!

A customizable, open source controller that will forever change PC gameplay!

Edward Larkin, product designer and inventor of the Mouse Bungee with his new company Xavier Technologies LLC is about to make gaming history again with the launch of his first “PLA” (pronounced PLAY), Motion Controller. It is the world’s first multi-function, ambidextrous, open source programmable gaming controller developed just for First Person Shooters (FPS) & Action gamers on the PC.

He says “Typing on a keyboard to play todays ultra-realistic games is completely Unrealistic, Unintuitive, Uncomfortable and Unnecessary”. His new company has created an entirely new category of gaming devices for the PC called “Motion Controllers”. They are Hybrid controllers that combines precision joysticks, an optically coupled steering wheel and a wrist rest. It was designed from the ground up to make playing more “realistic and fun” and it will be much easier to use and faster than typing on a keyboard!

“PC Gamers will no longer be chained to a Gaming Keyboard to play their favorite games”. Typing on the keyboard to move your character around or to steer land, sea, air and space vehicles is archaic and unnatural! Eliminating the keyboard from gameplay has been a goal of Edward’s for the last 5 years.

A Gamer-funding campaign to finance the production of the device will begin next Monday on 01/15/2018. The goal of the campaign is to get 5,000 gamers to pre-order the device.  Funds raised will be used to produce the retail ready product and to fulfil the orders from the backers. Xavier Technologies is also committed to manufacturing the device in the US.

To join the campaign or to just see the PLA Motion Controller prototype in action go to,

 Https://plarocks.com  and hit the PLA Video button.

If you can’t afford to buy one right now but would like to participate in the project, please go to  https://www.gofundme.com/gamingcontroller and make a donation and become part of gaming history!

Edward has been designing gaming hardware for over 35 years and is the creator of the Mouse Bungee which since 1994 has been sold to PC gamers all over the world. In 2010 Razer bought and still sells the Mouse Bungee. This product has had an incredible 24 year run so far. His new "Motion Controllers" will also change the way millions of gamers play well into the future.


Edward F. Larkin
CEO, Xavier Technologies LLC

Source: Xavier Technologies LLC

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