Wuliangye in Times Square: Vowing to Be the Heir and Enabler of Chinese Liquor Culture


On Feb. 15, 2018, on the eve of China’s traditional New Year, Wuliangye, known as “the most upscale liquor in China,” will debut in New York's Times Square in the United States and celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Chinese all over the world. This fantastic debut of Wuliangye at the crossroads of the world will not only demonstrate its deep cultural origins and inheritance as well as the cultural tension and affinity of a unique and strong liquor brand within the liquor industry but also mark an essential step for Wuliangye towards an international platform.

Wuliangye Will Debut at Times Square in New York to Demonstrate the Magnificence of Chinese Liquor Culture

Globally, New York's Times Square is the most visible commercial core. Its surrounding large-screen advertisements are the preferred channel for global high-end brand displays, and it is one of the best windows for Chinese brands to go global and attract worldwide attention. The debut of Wuliangye, which represents the Chinese traditional liquor culture, at the world stage which is New York's Times Square demonstrates to the full the richness and high quality of the Wuliangye brand.

With liquor as its carrier, Wuliangye shows the world the unique charm of Wuliangye and Chinese liquor through the universal language of art to convey the living heritage of Chinese traditional culture. In the future, guided by the Belt and Road, Wuliangye's unique charm and impressive posture will present a more innovative Chinese liquor culture to the world, bringing Wuliangye and Chinese liquor culture to young people and the world.

Interpretation of Chinese Liquor Aesthetics via New Form and Content

In 2017, Wuliangye promoted its transformation, upgrade and quality development and created new advantages for the event of Wuliangye by starting a new journey of the second startup, actively promoting supply-side structural reforms and implementing reforms and innovations in strategy, brand and marketing. The brand tells well both the story of Chinese liquor in general and Wuliangye in particular by focusing on the low-alcohol content, lowering in age, digitalization and internationalization to guide and reconstruct consumers’ understanding of “China’s top liquor brand” and re-establish the value recognition of fragrant liquors among high-end consumer groups in China.

Any traditional industry must keep pace with the times, and it is only in this way can it remain a constant leader and enjoy a long history. In early 2018, Wuliangye tells the Chinese story through the universal language of “art,” communicating with consumers through the innovative combination of art and liquor. This inspires Chinese national brands. Moreover, Wuliangye demonstrates its brand attitude of advancing with the times, and of actively engaging in dialog with new-generation consumer groups using the in-depth application of new media technology.

The debut of Wuliangye at Times Square in New York is to boost its recognition in overseas markets and expand its global influence on the one hand and to promote Chinese traditional culture through this vehicle to spread the beauty of China on the other side.

New Rose Gold Wuliangye is for Sale and is Winning Much Attention

In recent years, rose gold has become more than just a color: it has long become a synonym for fashion and is the prominent manifestation of high-quality life. Within the general trend of consumption upgrade, the demand of Chinese peoples for a better life provides the strong impetus for development of the market. Wuliangye Group, a well-known high-end liquor supplier, has recently launched Rose Gold Wuliangye, which injects new vitality into high-end, business, gifts and other markets for young consumers and is a direct manifestation of quality, brand, taste and other consumption upgrades.

What kind of liquor is Rose Gold Wuliangye? Taking the aura of heaven and earth and absorbing the essence of the sun and the moon, Rose Gold Wuliangye’s raw ingredients are sorghum, rice, glutinous rice, wheat and corn. It is produced following the ancient secret recipe of the Chen family, and produces an aromatic, mellow and perfectly balanced Wuliangye liquor which is of sweet entrance, a refreshing throat entrance and a harmony of flavors with full tastes, quality manufacture using wheat starter-making, artificial pit digging, cool fermentation, liquor storage according to quality and other processes. Moreover, Rose Gold Wuliangye still adheres to the optimization brand strategy, fully implementing quality management systems and strengthening quality control to ensure that consumers rest assured when purchasing and drinking every bottle.

With an alcohol content of 39 percent (vol.) and net content of 375 ml, Rose Gold Wuliangye follows the liquor consumption trend of low-alcohol content and fashion, representing the concept of healthy drinking. It conforms to the characteristics of low-alcohol-content international liquors and is more conducive to the full integration and expansion of Chinese low-alcohol liquor into markets both at home and abroad. In addition, the color expression of rose gold has brought the distance between traditional liquor and fashion trends closer and shows how the high-end taste of Wuliangye falls into line with international trends.

As a new product launched by Wuliangye, Rose Gold Wuliangye reflects the characteristics of Wuliangye adapting to the development of the market trend as an industry benchmark, with an ever-lasting focus gained. With the Chinese New Year approaching, the introduction of Rose Gold Wuliangye, with the atmosphere of the fashion trends and heartfelt wishes, will add color to the New Year!

Wuliangye • 5 L Liquor in Memory of Year of the Dog (Wuxu) Is Available in the Market

With the Chinese New Year approaching, long-awaited Wuliangye • 5 L Liquor in Memory of the Year of Dog (Wuxu) is on its way! The net content of the liquor is 5 liters, and the liquor highlights its distinction as being high-end, collectible and exclusive.

As economic levels increase, consumer groups iterate and lifestyles change, the consumption upgrade which focuses on quality and brands is developing rapidly. Relying on the natural resources, and with a millennium-old cultural heritage on the famous Wuliangye liquor origin, Wuliangye • Liquor in Memory of the Year of Dog (Wuxu) demonstrates the magnificent, precious and high-end brand temperament.

Its packaging has undergone a thorough upgrade on the basis of adhering to the high quality of Wuliangye. The Year of Dog (Wuxu) and the culture of Chinese Zodiac is combined for the design. And the personalized pattern of the Zodiac of Dog is created independently by Wuliangye, presenting the noble sense of value and cultural artistry of Wuliangye with the gold as its color expression. Moreover, the high-end culture collection and exclusive commemorative significance are taken into consideration with the net content design of 5L.

With more than 100 traditional and complex processes, each bottle of Wuliangye • Liquor in Memory of the Year of Dog (Wuxu) is elaborately crafted by brewmasters who select high-quality basic liquor. It is, therefore, of the topmost quality. Wuliangye produces a limited number of quality basic liquor each year, so Wuliangye • 5 L Liquor in Memory of the Year of Dog (Wuxu) cannot be supplied in bulk and is very rare.

Wuliangye • Liquor in Memory of the Year of Dog (Wuxu) adheres to the essence of liquor-making essence inherited by Wuliangye over thousands of years and integrates mixed liquors into alcohol with the exclusive Wuliangye recipe. It is characterized by a lingering aroma, sweet entrance, refreshing throat entrance, harmonious and perfectly balanced flavors, and full tastes.

As times keep moving and years go by, the arrival of Wuliangye • Liquor in Memory of the Year of Dog (Wuxu) will leave an indelible mark on Spring Festival 2018 (the Year of Dog), and highlight complementary modern fashionable breath and noble brand temperament from the perspective of both mutual comparison of cultural significance and perfectly matched time.

Wuliangye Becoming a New Favorite in the Global Liquor Market

Over the past two years, Wuliangye has developed rapidly, gaining successes not only in the market at home but also yielding unusually brilliant results in the international market. It is becoming a new favorite in the global liquor market.

Wuliangye’s debut in Times Square in New York not only demonstrates Wuliangye’s overall strength in development but also expresses the confidence of Chinese enterprises in their international expansion while conveying the power of Chinese traditional culture. In this respect, Wuliangye is no longer merely a conventional Chinese liquor: it is a kind of Chinese culture and Chinese spirit as well as the heir, creator and enabler of the history and culture of Chinese liquor.


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