TeleSense Canada is Partnering With Mitacs and McGill University to Create a Telerehabilitation and Teleresearch Platform for Canadians With Movement Disorders

The virtual platform will provide effective treatment for Canadians who suffer from movement disorders, allowing them to receive medical evaluation and treatment at home.

TeleSense Canada is partnering with Mitacs and McGill University to create a telerehabilitation platform for Canadians with movement disorders. Scientists from various universities in Montreal will also contribute to the research phase. The final product will be a virtual platform that provides effective medical evaluations and treatment from the safety and comfort of Canadians' homes.

Tele-rehabilitation is the practice of providing rehabilitation services to patients virtually using communication technologies. This method of treatment is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from movement disorders that may hinder their ability to attend appointments on-site. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the importance of delivering healthcare virtually.

TeleSense Canada has been a leader in the movement with its telemedicine platform, which empowers health providers to diagnose patients through live video examinations by incorporating high-quality, approved devices, including a thermometer, digital stethoscope, glucometer, dictation, ECG via Bluetooth, spirometry, ultrasound, pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitor.

Now, TeleSense Canada is poised to become a pioneer in the area of telerehabilitation through its partnership with Mitacs and McGill University. The team will begin by formulating a standard guideline with updated qualitative, quantitative and kinematics measurements for upper and lower extremities as a target rehabilitation. The target population for the guideline will be those who have had a stroke.

From there, the team will design, program and test an automation technology to store and update a set of information synchronously and asynchronously. They will use their findings as the basis of a guideline containing standard measurements for the evaluation of telerehabilitation in the stroke population, valid kinematic descriptors and an automation platform to update indices, evaluate and treat these individuals.

"We have entered an age in which telemedicine platforms are not merely a luxury but rather a necessity. While COVID-19 has made this need significantly more pressing, our team recognized the importance of virtual healthcare options long before the pandemic. Now, we are pressing on to provide a viable telerehabilitation platform for Canadians with movement disorders. This endeavor is critical for patients whose mobility may be compromised, as it will allow them to attend appointments despite the mobility challenges they face," said Michael Haddad, CEO of TeleSense Canada.

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