TeleSense Canada and Makwa Wise Officially Establish a Partnership Through MAKWASENSE, the First Virtual Integrated Family Functional Healthcare Platform

The MAKWASENSE platform is supported fully through residential point-of-care instrumentation, responding to orphan/abandoned-families.

​​​​This partnership between Makwa Wise and TeleSense Canada comes out of the founders, Dr. Roger A. Boyer II and Michael Haddad’s, passion to establish a trauma-informed and culturally humble healthcare team to respond to the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the family unit, either single or multigenerational. MAKWASENSE responds to the needs of those families who have been orphaned by their primary healthcare most responsible provider and are surviving on the crumbs of the healthcare system discovered in the waiting rooms of both the emergency rooms and walk-in clinics across Canada. The rate of orphan families increases the more north one travels past the 45th parallel. According to Ontario Profile of Primary Care, the “orphan” circumstances have been a chronic disease of the healthcare system since 2003 ( With significant investments with limited transformation and accountability, families are still forced to wait up to eight hours in ER for medication renewals and other C-TAS 5 and 4 category health concerns. No more. It time to make sense out of complexity and confusion. It's time for MAKWASENSE - it just makes sense.

MAKWASENSE and its teams are inviting families to belong to an integrated team whose primary focus is on families' current needs and families' functional thriving passions, fulfilling "mino-miimaadziwin," the "fulfilled life" in Anishinabemowin. This life should not be controlled by an outside power but should instead be empowered by the inner determinant of well-being driven by the client, not the company. With MAKWASENSE, every family is empowered to be responsible for their own "mino-biimaadziwin". One's humanness does not stop at diagnosis and disease but their contribution to the greater societal relationship with Creator and Creation in the values of friendship, mutual reciprocity, and respect and/or “The Two-Row Wampum” belt.

This innovative self-determined partnership, the only relationship of its kind on Mother Earth, will improve the quality of healthcare delivered to all orphan families, including those on the margins e.g. Indigenous families. Through the enabled residential units, families are able to have 24/7 access to their #TEAMMAKWA through a subscription-model of investment: the UBER of Family-Centred Functional Well-being.

“If we want to have a say [about the healthcare we expect], we must pay,” says Pam Nolan, former Garden River Wellness Centre Health Director. Mrs. Nolan inspired many in their state-of-the-art wellness centre operated and expanded on the monies fought for on a consistent equity basis. This clinic was the only North Shore First Nation clinic that had an established MOU paying for healthcare services with the Algoma Public Health Unit and other primary healthcare services in order to support its family. It is through this understanding and spirit, that MAKWASENSE was created. We need to pay in order to ensure children and children’s children are cared for in a good way.

Historically, the Indigenous population in Ontario - estimated to be one of out five humans, the largest Indigenous population in Canada, has suffered from a lack of high-quality healthcare. The reasons for this range from discrimination to overcrowded facilities that were not designed to house traditional Indigenous ways of healing and knowing. Chronic conditions and mental health issues suffered by a significant percentage of the population further compound the problem, even after a 286 million dollar investment into expansion of Indigenous Integrated Primary Health Care Teams, leaving the status of obesity, hypertension and diabetes the number one, two and three diagnosis. Makwa Wise is confident this result is due to the access issues to trauma-informed, culturally-humble "mino-biimaadziwin"-focused teams.

MakwaSense will employ and contextualize the TeleSense Canada’s digital health platform to its MAKWACARE model of Sickness-Wellness-Fitness life, making families' diagnoses and monitoring patients easier virtually. The tele-well being platform was designed to make an accurate diagnosis complete with vital signs - setting it apart from other platforms as a true tele-well-being solution supported by a robust Amazon-like supply chain for supplies and testing. Families will communicate directly with their team via one-button video conferencing they set up their MAKWA GAMIG, the place of provision and protection - their home. Each family’s most responsible person will empower each individual of the family on the operations of each part of their MINO-BIIMAADZIWIN BUNDLE consisting of a blood pressure unit, thermometer, pulse oximeter (SPO2), glucometer, and scale. MAKWASENSE's team will provide on-demand support and empowerment, thus changing the healthcare landscape and creating a new innovation that remote empowered living.

The ability for healthcare providers to integrate each member’s electronic health records with TeleSense further empowers the MAKWASENSE team to provide the patient with a comprehensive medical examination - without the patient leaving their home. No more retelling your stories to a system which fragments or cuts up a patient's life only to send it to the outermost parts of cyber work. Providers will also consult directly with a medical specialist through a telemetry video engagement if they feel the situation warrants it in order to support the needs of the family. Each MAKWASESE Team consists of nine members for empowerment: two Physicians, four Nurse Practitioners, two RN/RPNs (Behaviouralist) and one Decision Support Specialist. According to the MOHLTC standards, each MAKWASENSE team will be able to empower a total of 7800 individuals or 1950 families with 24/7 access.

The investment for this empowerment and access is less than a Venti Chai per day at $399.00/month per family of four or $349.00/month per single, including the TeleSense residential point-of-care instrumentation valued at $4,000.00 for a two-year commitment.

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