Writer Caesar Rondina Launches a Weekly Blog, 'The Author's Pen'

Caesar Rondina

Famed Best Selling writer and author started publishing a weekly blog called "The Author's Pen." Each post is published on Monday at 10.30 p.m. EST. Additionally, he produces a video-based post on his blog each month.

Rondina has more than three and a half decades of public health system experience. He spent nearly all of his time in the public healthcare system, meeting thousands of people over time. He is linked to people of all races, colors, creeds, and beliefs. Many of his books are influenced by the people he encountered during his professional life. From his own words, Rondina estimates that during his medical career, he has cared for over 76,000 individuals as a firefighter/paramedic. For the majority of his career, he has been a trained paramedic, firefighter, and educator. Therefore, he helped several people with emergency medical treatment.

Rondina naturally has an extensive pool of narratives. Rondina can extract the stories and tell them in his own words. You will find that if you read through a few of his novels, he elaborates and explains feelings in a very accurate way to life.

Caesar Rondina has published many books. His self-help books include The Soul In Our Hearts, The Warrior Within, Balancing The Scale, Who Are The Heroes, and Making Partnership Choices. Rondina's globally acclaimed book is titled A Woman's Fear. These are just a few. Rondina has written a three-book murder mystery series titled Life Through a Mirror and a love story titled When Two Worlds Collide. These are some of his most famous writings.

The focus of his self-help books revolves around self-improvement and self-help. Most are written through the eyes of fictional characters and concentrate on describing the shortcomings of an individual. In most of the books written by Rondina, a standard theme focuses on working towards an individual's abilities. Rondina's self-help books speak about situations when a person loses their power or control. His writings help them eventually recognize their shortcomings, thus understanding their situation and gaining back their strength.

Rondina is not only a writer; he is also a prominent businessman and a well-known motivational and inspirational speaker. He is a master boat captain and, most of all loves to spend time with his mates. Rondina travels across the country frequently, speaking at various events. You can read more about Caesar Rondina by visiting his website at www.caesarrondinaauthor.com.

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