Wright Mechanical Services Inc. Now Accepting Cryptocurrencies as Payment for Work Completed on HVAC System

Cryptocurrencies are on the way to becoming as prevalent a method of exchange as cash or credit.

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Wright Mechanical Services Inc. is always at the forefront of new technologies, techniques, and methods when it comes to taking care of their customers. In an effort to continue that tradition, the owners have decided to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method for service, installation, or repair of any commercial or residential HVAC systems or for any of the other services that are provided. 

Allowing customers to make payment with cryptocurrencies provides numerous benefits such as payment flexibility, increased security and lower transaction fees since the cryptocurrency is transferred directly to a company account with no middleman. As of the publishing date of this press release, Coinbase will be the primary platform used to transfer the digital currency, but there are efforts being made to expand to other platforms as they prove to be convenient and efficient.

Scott Wright, CEO of Wright Mechanical Services, commented, "Our mission is to find new ways to satisfy our customers. We work on the premise that a satisfied customer is the best business strategy. Cryptocurrency is the wave of the future, but the future is now. The benefit to our customers is obvious, which we can't ignore, and differentiates us from the competition. We do it the Wright way."

Wright Mechanical Services is growing, and this big step is part of that growth. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, more than 2,300 U.S. businesses are now accepting Bitcoin, or some other crypto, to conduct business. This will grant Wright Mechanical Services access to a larger customer base and place the company in a unique position to satisfy its customers' needs like no other heating and air conditioning company in Louisville, Kentucky.

If you would like to learn more about Wright Mechanical Services, please feel free to visit their website at: www.wrightmechanical.com

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