#14 Cancer Sucks Car Wins for Second Straight Week

Sportsdrome Speedway

#14 Cancer Sucks Racing team

Another win for the #14 Cancer Sucks car. The teamwork and solidarity of everyone involved has been inspiring. The team put a lot of work into building this little spitfire. Eric Childers’ pass at the finish line was a move that will long be remembered. The win has not gone without controversy even though it took the #14 car until the very end to win the race. This is the second week that the #14 Cancer Sucks car has won the Front Wheel Drive division. Two weeks equals two wins. The Cancer Sucks team seems to have a winning race car when it comes to this class. There has been some talk that there could be an impending rule change because of a protest submitted by another team. The reality is that everyone involved is donating their time for a greater cause. The owner of Wright Mechanical Services, Scott Wright, and sponsor of the FWD division was quoted as saying, “We will continue to do things the Wright way and for all of the Wright reasons”. The Cancer Sucks team will continue to race according to the guidelines set by the Sportsdrome Speedway. The sponsor, Wright Mechanical Services, will donate all proceeds from the last two winning performances to Shirley’s Way. Shirley’s Way is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with cancer win a battle for their life.

We will continue to do things the Wright way and for all the Wright reasons.

Scott Wright, Business Owner

For race results check here: https://www.sportsdromeonline.com/result

Source: Wright Mechanical Services

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