World's Most Powerful AI - PII Detection and Automatic Document Summarization - Comes to eDiscovery

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Scaia and Inabia joined their efforts to bring the world's most powerful AI to eDiscovery. Scaia ( makes and supports the only open source eDiscovery solution in the world, FreeEed ( Inabia ( uses cutting-edge technology to develop AI products (machine learning and deep learning). 

Together, the two companies created AI Advisor. The AI Advisor provides the following:

  • PII detection for Incident Response and Data Breach investigation. PII detection uses state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) models. PII detection is fully customizable to extract specific personal information.
  • Document summarization. It uses fantastic new technology to understand texts in any language. It provides a short, understandable summary. It can help you achieve significant time-saving in prioritizing review. See examples of document summaries here: You can choose a summarization style, such as newspaper, medical, legal, etc.

Currently, the two capabilities are available through FreeEed and as a callable API. Soon, they will be available as Relativity plugins. FreeEed is open source and free for commercial and non-commercial use. The AI capabilities are in the beta stage and are free. The pricing for them will be announced when the software enters General Availability.

About Scaia and FreeEed. FreeEed is well-known by word of mouth. It is used for Early Case Assessment (ECA) and bringing eDiscovery in-house. Here are more examples of successful FreeEed implementation ( It's prevalent at universities, such as the UK Open University. AI Advisor will benefit all FreeEed users.

About Inabia Consulting. Inabia has provided software development and staffing services for the last 16 years for customers like Microsoft, AT&T, Oracle, Tesla, and Amazon. Now helping attorneys and paralegals reduce their document review and annotation workload through AI.

Demo on YouTube: (7 min)

For more information, write to Haider Abbas ( or Mark Kerzner (

Source: Scaia, Inc.

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Scaia stands for Scalable Artificial Intelligence.
We are building AI-based products, and we are applying them to document processing, such as eDiscovery.

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