Scalable AI Software Company Scaia Announces Supported Version of Its FreeEED eDiscovery Software

Scalable AI software company Scaia ( today announced it made available a supported version of its eDiscovery software based on the popular open-source project FreeEED.

The Scaia eDiscovery positions itself as "eDiscovery without the trimmings" and is intended for solo lawyers, small law firms, and eDiscovery vendor shops.

"Our clients," said Mark Kerzner, Scaia President and CEO, "are asking for support. They are asking for new features, fast. We are giving them exactly that with a supported version."

With the eDiscovery market growing at the highest rate ever, and with the needs for eDiscovery software ever stronger, it is only fair that the Scaia software should come to fulfill the needs of its clients.

"There is also the AI part," Mark explained. "The AI revolution that is going on in the world. Scaia was started to bring this AI into eDiscovery. We've been teaching AI for many years, for Fortune 100 companies. We will use the Scaia eDiscovery software as a vehicle to bring AI into the market fast. We will also offer these AI products to the legal community through Relativity."

FreeEED projects will continue to be developed. But now there is a segment of the market for whom support and convenience are more important than the do-it-yourself approach. These clients will see the improvements first. Today, Scaia offers a convenient install and multi-threaded load-balanced processing that solves many processing problems common in eDiscovery.

Scaia's client had this to say: "The guys are awesome and deliver excellent service. They worked hard on my projects and helped us resolve challenging problems in eDiscovery data wrangling."

"Scaia is delighted to offer our clients the Scaia eDiscovery software," said Matt Riggs, VP of eDiscovery services. "There is a clear market need for affordable ECA processing and our software does that and more. As an example, we just added facial and object recognition, a great complement to our services."

About Scaia

Scaia ( creates innovative software that empowers organizations to simply and quickly find important facts about their data. We are a passionate and talented team, delighting our customers with software that transforms data into actionable intelligence and helps them overcome the challenges of litigation, investigation, governance, risk, and compliance.

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