World's First 3-in-1 Tablet Phoenix Note Set to Launch Soon on Indiegogo

Phoenix Note is the world's first portable device that combines the best features of an Android OS tablet, external monitor, and drawing tablet. It is set to launch on Indiegogo on November 8, 2021.

Korean tech startup HDTELECOM gets ready to release its first official product, Phoenix Note, to the global crowdfunding community. The team is eager to present Phoenix Note to these early adopters because it is truly a first of its kind. Alone, it functions as an Android tablet, with its stylus, it works as a drawing tablet, and when connected to another personal device, it becomes an external monitor. Its slogan, "let's break the mold," truly reflects the power and potential of Phoenix Note.

With impressive specs like having a 15.6" Full-HD screen, 10-point multitouch, and long-lasting 9,000mAh battery life, Phoenix Note is sure to wow the crowd. Due to the fact that it works just like a normal external monitor, trial users praised its versatility in both work and entertainment settings. It can do everything from connect to a personal laptop, game console, mirror a camera's LCD screen, and more.

While the concept of using a single device as a secondary monitor, but also as an Android tablet, may be difficult to wrap around at first, CEO Heedae Lee envisions a near future where minimalistic living will also apply to the number of tech devices people own. "It's always risky presenting a new concept of tech for the first time," says Lee. "But we strongly believe creating multifunctional tech devices is the next step forward to provide users ultimate efficiency and productivity while valuing sustainability."

For a limited 30 days starting Nov. 8, 2021, Phoenix Note will be available on Indiegogo for pre-order at a 35% discount of the retail price for $519. Journalists or backers interested in the project should reach out to

HDTELECOM is an ICT startup specializing in IoT, media, security, and AI. It brings together the brightest minds of engineering and product design to produce innovative contributions in education, robotics, service platforms, and content creation. In order to learn more about the team, visit



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