South Korean Premium Furniture Company MENFURS Set to Launch 'CoreFitBall Pro,' a Versatile Gym Ball Chair on Kickstarter

Made with eco-friendly materials, CoreFitBall Pro is a premium gym ball chair that aims to help users integrate healthier habits such as proper posture and conveniently conducted workouts from home, without compromising their set routine.

Considering the decrease in basic activity levels that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to in households across the globe, the MENFURS team set out to create a product that could combat this negative impact. In order to help people effortlessly integrate more movement and healthier habits into their daily lives, the company's fitness brand Ari-Gym created the premium gym ball chair, CoreFitBall Pro, which will make its global debut through Kickstarter on Thursday, Nov. 25, 2021, at 7:00 a.m. EST.

CoreFitBall Pro aims to preserve all the scientifically proven benefits of a standard gym ball while making it comfortable and stylish enough to implement into users' daily routines and fit seamlessly into any style home. Sitting on the CoreFitBall Pro can serve as an effective solution for better posture, enabling proper back exercise and enhanced balance.

The ergonomically designed gym ball chair was made possible by the collaboration of MENFURS, rehabilitation professors, and professional fitness trainers. CoreFitBall Pro users will also get access to the demonstration guide video conducted by a fitness expert, which consists of 30+ customized full-body workout exercises. 

Taking into consideration that children are hungry for inspiring items to interact with, the CoreFitBall Pro was produced in two sizes to accommodate users of various heights. Even during traditionally static activities such as studying, playing video games, the CoreFitBall Pro can naturally promote an appropriate level of movement into the children's routines. With increased levels of activity, users can experience improved concentration, productivity and mood.

The heavy-duty and anti-burst CoreFitBall Pro gym ball is designed to be suitable for those up to 265lbs and is supported by an anti-slip stable base stand structure consisting of layers of support structures. All materials of CoreFitBall Pro are eco-friendly products that received certification from the US CPSC and the European CE. The CoreFitBall Pro is fitted with a premium quality fabric cover made of Creora® 's fitness wear fabric so it is comfortable to the touch and ideal for workouts. 

With the CoreFitBall Pro Kickstarter campaign launching in just days, individuals interested in the product are encouraged to take advantage of the early bird reward pricing, starting at $109. After the early bird rewards are sold out, each reward tier will be priced slightly higher but will remain significantly under MSRP value for the entirety of the campaign as a way to thank the company's Kickstarter backers. Any journalists or social media influencers interested in reviewing the CoreFitBall Pro can reach out through its Kickstarter page. Alternatively, any other business inquiries can be made out to:

Phone: +82-62-941-3030