World Dog Alliance to Provide Emergency Aid to Pets in Ukraine


In the midst of war, no pet should be left behind. The World Dog Alliance (WDA) has expressed concerns over Ukrainian citizens and their pets and is arranging measures to provide emergency assistance.

The escalating military conflict between Russia and Ukraine might result in the biggest refugee crisis in Europe in the 21st century. According to a report by the United Nations, nearly 700,000 Ukrainian citizens have fled the country so far. The UN estimates that 12 million people inside Ukraine will need relief and protection and that more than four million Ukrainian refugees may need humanitarian aid from neighboring countries in the coming months.

Amid gunfire and sirens, Ukrainian citizens were forced to leave their homeland for shelter, some with children in their arms, and some with their beloved pets, who are also part of the family.

For most pet owners, it is a natural instinct to bring along their pets when fleeing from war. Even when displaced, a family remains whole as long as all members are together, and there is always hope for tomorrow.

The World Dog Alliance is collaborating with its partners in Italy and France to provide assistance to pet owners in Ukraine, such as publishing guidelines on traveling with pets during emergency situations and basic first aid procedures for injured animals.

Genlin, the founder of the World Dog Alliance, shares the sentiment of pet owners in Ukraine, as he has had a similar experience. In late 2018, the Woolsey Fire started in California, putting many areas at risk. Genlin, who was in Hong Kong, was extremely concerned about his three dogs in California. Although Genlin's housekeeper assured him that the wildfire was far away from his house, he still decided to bring the dogs back to Hong Kong to keep them safe. Given how difficult it was to arrange a flight for the three dogs, Genlin went to California himself, chartered a jet and came back to Hong Kong with his furry kids.

Shortly after arriving in Hong Kong, Genlin's house in California was razed to rubble by the wildfire.

The World Dog Alliance campaigns around the world for legislation to ban dog and cat meat, and to increase penalties for dog theft. "What people steal and eat are not just animals, but someone's family," Genlin said during an interview.

The world may be full of wars, but love knows no boundaries. The World Dog Alliance hopes our love for animals can bridge the differences between countries and bring peace to the planet.

Him Lo

Source: World Dog Alliance

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