World Dog Alliance Holds International Conference in Norway


On 16 August 2023, Norwegian MP Sverre Myrli, former US congressmen Jeff Denham and Rodney Davis, and Japanese Representative Yoshio Maki met at World Dog Alliance (WDA)'s event at Arendalsuka to discuss the International Agreement to Prohibit the Eating of Dogs and Cats. During the discussion, Sverre Myrli pledged to support the International Agreement and bring the issue to the Government when they discuss the Animal Welfare Whitepaper. In the long term, WDA hopes to see Norway banning dog and cat meat as Norway is known for promoting human rights globally.

The event was held in the City Council Hall in Arendal. Genlin, Founder of WDA, offered an art exhibition ahead of the discussion.

Global challenge

To share his experiences, Japanese lawmaker Yoshio Maki made the trip from Japan. He works as a member in the House of Representatives, to promote animal welfare legislation. Sverre Myrli, a member of Storting from the governing Labour Party, stands in the Business Committee, which deals with the new Animal Welfare Bill. It is told that Myrli will present the Bill on behalf of the Government in spring next year.

Former US Congressmen Jeff Denham and Rodney Davis are known for their achievements to make eating dogs and cats illegal in their country, an exceptionally bestial practice that involves great suffering for the animals.

Although dog-eating is unusual in the West, WDA invites Norwegian politicians to ally with friendly nations such as the USA and France and crack down on a large illegal business that routinely tortures pets to death.

30 million dogs

"In Asia, 30 million dogs are served for human consumption every year. 70% of these are stolen pets. I understand that it seems distant from the issues here in Norway, but Norway has a proud tradition of engaging globally in issues such as peace and human rights, and we hope that Norway dares to raise its voice and show leadership on international animal welfare," said Genlin, Founder of WDA.

Genlin acknowledges that it is demanding to gain traction for passion among the multitude of political themes at Arendalsuka. Fortunately, the idea of international cooperation on animal welfare is maturing in many countries.

"Animal welfare is easy to turn a blind eye to, and if we don't continue to remind people of the suffering that happens every day, it could become a political blind spot. That is one of the reasons why we prioritize being present at arenas such as Arendalsuka," says Genlin.

Towards universal animal rights

Each and every country that gets involved is helping to create ripple effects and put pressure on countries that are lagging far behind. A concrete political conversation in Arendalsuka has created fertile ground for such a debate in Norway, and will help to end the torture of dogs and cats on the other side of the globe.

Arendalsuka is the most important political event in Norway. It takes place annually in mid-August in Arendal, a small town in Southern Norway. Politicians from all parties, including the Prime Minister and ministers, take part into the event. The event allows Norwegians to debate on various political issues, creating a unique culture in the country.

About the World Dog Alliance (WDA):

The World Dog Alliance is an international non-profit organization dedicated to advocating for the protection and welfare of dogs and cats worldwide through legislation. For more information, please visit our website at

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