worksmART Creates Building Blocks for Leadership Skills

Van Lai-DuMone, Founder of worksmART

Van Lai-DuMone, TEDx Speaker and Founder of worksmART, has released a 12-month leadership development program to expand current and aspiring leaders' skill sets through experiential learning and foundational building blocks. The Leadership Canvas program is based on the universal capacity for creativity, which allows for engagement of bi-lateral brain activity to effectively address mindset, skillset, and behavior. 

In a recent study, 58% of workers said they left companies because of the lack of growth opportunities (Randstand). Leadership Canvas is designed to help organizations strengthen their leadership foundation to match the needs of business growth. The Herman Group reports 75% of employees who voluntarily leave, quit their bosses, not their jobs. By maximizing training for current and aspiring leaders, companies can reduce costly turnover. Based on these statistics and research-based assertions, Leadership Canvas works, as it was formulated to:

  • Help people learn and retain information through creativity, play, and experiential learning.
  • Provide learning in small topic-based sessions (Building Blocks); which increases retention, turning learned skills into sustained behavior.
  • Address mindset and behavioral habits. 

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About worksmART

Creativity is good for business! 

worksmART is a progressive team and leadership development consultancy that activates creativity and experiential learning to enrich company culture and skyrocket performance. worksmART optimizes the creative mindset in businesses and individuals through workshops, programs, and retreats, that combine skills-based learning and creativity. When you embrace creativity in the workplace, you improve individual performance and produce better results. Creativity allows people to collaborate, learn, think differently, and come up with new and interesting ideas. To learn more about worksmART, visit and check out their social media.




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