ICF Master Certified Coach and Author Gretchen Hydo Provides a Solution for Millions of Women Suffering From the Shame and Guilt of Their Secrets

Gretchen Hydo

Master Coach and recently turned author Gretchen Hydo creates the Secret-Breaking System™ for women, globally, who suffer from the shame and guilt of their secrets.

Hydo knows firsthand what it feels like to be weighed down by the shame and guilt of secrets. From the false narrative she adopted from a young age due to her childhood to her whopping secret triggered by the fear of abandonment as an adult, she is all too familiar with the ripple effect of secret-keeping. Hydo's own secrets, coupled with the many secrets she has heard from women across the nation during her time as a coach and mentor (i.e., cheating, embezzlement, shoplifting), propelled her to create an organized system that any woman can use to break free from her secrets and the shadows of small living.

"Women are exhausted from the perpetual bobbing and weaving of secret-keeping," says Hydo, "but they can aspire to live a secret-free life of honesty and integrity once they step into their truth and power." This is exactly what the Secret-Breaking System™ and Hydo's soon-to-be-released book helps women to do.

Hydo specializes in helping individuals and organizations make life-changing transformations by breaking free of the rules and secrets that hold them back from living their most powerful lives. It is her mission to help women break down the confines of their minds, face their shame, and let go of the weight of their collective secrets. Hydo's solution? An innovative 10-stage system that women all around the world can use to walk their own secrets through — calling out the lies, shedding their shame, and stepping into big-living by learning to love and accept their true selves.

Hydo's upcoming book, Break Free from Your Dirty Little Secrets: A New You in 10 Secret-Breaking Stages, is a breath of fresh air, and a much-needed beacon for women everywhere. It is the female guidebook for the next era, and the key to health, wealth, and a newfound love affair … with yourself. If you have felt restless, dissatisfied or like you should be happy but just aren't, the 35 inspirational exercises and questions within these pages will help you deconstruct your secret-keeping patterns and finally set you free.

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About Gretchen Hydo:

Gretchen Hydo is a Master Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation, a certified mentor coach, mesmerizing keynote speaker, and engaging workshop facilitator. Her coaching and wisdom help people create new identities based on their strengths and step into their best lives.

To contact Gretchen Hydo about media and speaking inquiriesplease email coach@gretchenhydo.com for booking. You can learn more about Gretchen Hydo International and its initiative by visiting www.gretchenhydo.com.

Source: Gretchen Hydo International