Working KnowledgeCSP Awarded Contract From Ironwood Pharmaceuticals for Knowledge Management Consulting Services

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Working KnowledgeCSP (WK), a recognized U.S. and international provider of knowledge management solutions, announced a contract award for Knowledge Management (KM) Consulting Services from Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Ironwood), based in Boston, Massachusetts.

Under the terms of the contract, Working KnowledgeCSP and its teammate Enterprise Knowledge, an Arlington, Virginia-based KM technology consulting company, will help Ironwood Pharmaceuticals formalize functional requirements, propose technical solutions, and produce a KM strategy and detailed KM implementation plan for the development and implementation of a Knowledge Management System and Framework.

Working KnowledgeCSP founder Bill Kaplan said, "We're proud and excited about the opportunity Ironwood Pharmaceuticals provided to our team. Collaborating with Ironwood on developing its KM system further expands our focus in supporting the knowledge management efforts of organizations in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. Working within the unique challenges and constraints presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, our team will be working with Ironwood using a completely virtual and agile consulting approach that we believe is a benchmark for KM planning and delivery in a travel-restricted world."

About Working KnowledgeCSP

Based in Camas, Washington (USA), Working KnowledgeCSP delivers knowledge management consulting solutions to the U.S. public sector, U.S. private sector, and international clients. Working KnowledgeCSP began operations in 2009.

Source: Working KnowledgeCSP