Working From Home? Time for a New Notebook.

BetterBook, a Notebook, but Better. An ideal companion for computers, tablets, and smartphones.


​​​​​​​​​Innovative design company Orangered Life is launching a Kickstarter campaign this month for its new BetterBook - a smart notebook for designers, artists and students. A BetterBook, a notebook, but better.

Fast & Accurate Scan

In 2020, it's more important than ever for employees and students to be able to share their work - even when they're apart. With many of us still working and studying at home, quickly sharing plans, designs and ideas can be a challenge to say the least, as people are forced to grapple with scanners and Bluetooth. As well as allowing for quick sharing, BetterBook helps to protect precious work from those coffee spills and accidental tearing by creating a digital copy.

A new way - a better way

Orangered Life is delighted to introduce its new BetterBook, which allows users to quickly capture, scan and send their work to others. Available in two sizes - Desk Notebook and Pocket Notebook - the BetterBook has been designed to fit perfectly beside a keyboard or in a bag or pocket for inspiration on the go.

A notebook - but better

Created for comfortable writing and drawing, Betterbook's clever design allows users to capture their work on a phone or tablet's scanning app and share instantly with colleagues. So much more than just a notebook, BetterBook's features include:

● A distinct natural black 0.5/10mm border for fuss-free framing

● Unique 18:9 Ratio

● Zoom-free detailing

● Landscape style

● Smart code - Each page features a smart code symbol to which hashtags can be added for easy reference

● Three paper options - Blank, Grid and Dotted Grid

Re-imagining the notebook

BetterBook is the perfect partner to phones, laptops, tablets, and devices and can help to organize and manage a busy workload. Making scanning simple, BetterBook is the perfect solution for artists, designers, students, writers, and even board game players.

Kickstarting innovation

Orangered Life is launching a Kickstarter campaign on June 18 to help bring BetterBook to homes and offices. The product will be manufactured and delivered to the incredibly high standards that Orangered Life sets for itself. A pledge of £18 will be rewarded with one Pocket BetterBook and one Desk BetterBook.

About Orangered Life

Based in Greater London, Orangered Life is the brainchild of a group of young and passionate graduate designers who are dedicated to making every day better through innovative and practical products. Betterbook is the sixth campaign launched by the business designers, and their other products include the smart monogrammed ruler and the fabulous leather notebook cover, which were funded in just 12 hours.

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About orangered life

Orangered Life is a team of designers and engineers passionate about creating products that blend form and function. Their mission is to create innovative products that make life easier and more enjoyable. The team has a deep commitment to sustainability and is dedicated to creating products that have a positive impact on the environment.

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