Orangered Life Launches Kickstarter Campaign for 30° Ruler

The acclaimed London-based design studio unveils the newest iteration of its revolutionary tool; one ruler to rule them all!

One Ruler to Rule Them All

A great product is about to get better with the latest release of U.K. design studio Orangered Life's incredibly popular 30° ruler. Building upon their four-time practices on 30° Ruler, the Orangered Life Team has returned once again to Kickstarter to launch their next generation that is aptly named 30° Ruler: The Most Innovative You Can Find. Yes, A Ruler!

A laser-engraved, aerospace aluminium ruler set at a practical 30° angle for easier measuring, cutting and marking. Featuring new colours and new sizes, the 30° Ruler 5.0 was specifically designed to meet the requests of the company's thousands of enthusiastic backers.

"From the very beginning, we knew we had a great product," says lead designer Kelly Chan. "Sometimes all it takes is a simple change -- in this case, adding a 30° slope to the traditional ruler -- to revolutionize a product that everyone takes for granted. Now, with the addition of bright new colours and a range of sizes, our customers can choose the model that's exactly right for them."

30° Ruler is addressing many of the issues with traditional rulers: it sets at a 30° slope on the ruler's face. It's a simple, yet incredibly effective, update and it makes the 30° Ruler much easier to use. The elevation also allows for easy grabbing, without having to drag it towards the edge of the table or dig your nails underneath it. Finally, the angled nature of the ruler makes it safe for cutting.

Like its predecessors, the new 30° Ruler is made from aerospace-grade aluminium and laser-engraved for maximum sharpness and clarity. With millimetres and centimetres on one side and inches on the reverse, its large-size markings make it easy to read and every tick mark is labelled to minimize confusion. 

The new Ruler 5.0 is available in black, silver, green, and blue and comes in four sizes: 15 cm (6 in), 20 cm (8 in), 30 cm (12 in) and 45 cm (18 in). For more information and full specifications, jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page: 30° Ruler: The Most Innovative You Can Find. Yes, A Ruler!

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