WorkerAnts Launched an Updated Social Network for Non-profits

Social Network for Non-Profits Dedicated to Philanthropy creates a place for Charity Reviews and Social Networking. has released its updated website. The site now contains all new social networking for Non-Profits functions, a searchable database of charities around the world and a section that provides links to resources useful to charities, volunteers and activists. redesigned its site to help change the way people connect to and support their favorite causes and charities.  Membership on the site is free. is dedicated to:

WorkerAnts, LLC is dedicated to helping people find charities, connect with others and change the world.

Arslan Amir, WorkerAnts

  • Connecting people and charitable organizations to each other
  • Raising awareness for causes and organizations
  • Creating circles of like-minded individuals who can pool resources and ideas to improve the world
  • Providing information and resources that cater to the needs of charities, volunteers and activists.

The site gives each charity that is listed in the database its own page.  The page has a mission statement and a way for the charity to push messages on activities and projects to interested supporters.  The charity simply has to claim their free page and then it can send news and calendar invites to anyone who chooses to "Dig" them on the site. 

The site also has a Resources section with fantastic links to help charities and people working in the philanthropic space, as well as resources for people who are interested in ecotourism, short-term volunteer opportunities, humane shopping or research about different causes.

A section called "Colonies" now creates opportunities for social networking around a specific cause, activity or region of the world.  Members can create groups to connect with other members and organizations with the goal of increasing the reach and impact of their message.

By creating individual pages for each charity and adding a review function for users, WorkerAnts hopes to give volunteers a way to tout their favorite organizations while helping those searching for philanthropies to support.  Newly developed features allow people to narrow their organization search by certain criteria, such as location, cause, and types of volunteer opportunities.  This helps everyone to find exactly the type of organization they are interested in supporting.

Membership on the site is not only free, but comes with the added benefit of a new 3D avatar for everyone.  Playing off their Ant mascot, known as Ergon, each member is given their own Ant to customize on the site. is excited about its new design and capabilities.  Its goal is to help people find a charity, connect with others and change the world.  It is a forum where people can find hope in the fact that everyday people are making this world a better place.

WorkerAnts, LLC is dedicated to helping people find charities, connect with others and change the world. has been online since 2001 with their newly designed social networking platform launching in August 2014. 


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WorkerAnts, LLC is dedicated to helping people find charities, connect with others and change the world.