In Support of #GivingTuesday™, Spotlights a Charity that Uses the Arts to Help Others applauds the work that Beats, Rhymes and Relief is doing to pass on the message of hope and to turn a passion for arts into a way to help others.....

Making money from a hobby or passion is something aspired to by many people.  It is easy to look in magazines or online and hear about people who quit their jobs to pursue cooking, or professional travel writing.  It is much rarer to hear of people finding a way to use their passions to help others, but that is exactly what Omar Al-Chaar and Rameen Aminzadeh are doing. 

These two documentary film makers founded Beats, Rhymes and Relief two years ago with the vision of using their love of the arts and their experience in the music and film industry to help those in need by raising awareness and funds for different causes.

Since founding their company in 2012, Omar and Rameen have launched some very successful campaigns.  One of them, called #RestoreHappy, creates awareness of the plight of Syrian children in refugee camps.  This program has used art work created by Syrian children to showcase the great need for mental health and education resources for these children.  #RestoreHappy is making the public aware of the needs of these children through social networking, events, and ultimately a concert in Washington, D.C., the proceeds of which are going to fiscally responsible partner nonprofits working with Syria’s children in refugee camps. 

Beats, Rhymes and Relief also has a program called A Million Bars, focused on putting over a million bars of positive up-lifting Hip Hop music on the radio waves by 2019.   Omar and Rameen see the influence Hip Hop culture has on youth and want to use this culture to produce messages of hope and encouragement rather than of violence and despair.

Beats, Rhymes and Relief is passionate about helping create a better world and they are using the arts to do it.  At all of their events art expression is utilized in one form or another.  Whether it is the performers at a concert, a graffiti artist presentation, dancing, DJs or children’s paintings, the message of Beats, Rhymes and Relief is that art speaks to people in different ways than words alone can and these mediums can make a change for good. applauds the work that Beats, Rhymes and Relief is doing to pass on the message of hope and to turn a passion for arts into a way to help others.  That is why they will be doing a two part series of articles on Beats, Rhymes and Relief and their work for social justice.  The first of these articles is now available on the WorkerAnts Neighborhood Gazette, a social networking page that highlights amazing causes and organizations each week with the goal of creating awareness for issues of import and encouraging other people to participate in good works.  

With #GivingTuesday coming up in a few weeks they encourage everyone to check out the Neighborhood Gazette and read a few articles.  Find a cause or organization to support on #GivingTuesday and join the movement to celebrate giving back on December 2nd this year.

The purpose of is to connect charities, volunteers and activists.  It is a charity network that creates a place where people can collaborate, share best practices, and see hope in the ways people around the world are striving to make this world a better place.  They give people a place to be heard.

There are a million ways to do good. recognizes and values each one.


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