WORK KILLS® Announces a Writing Contest About Working

WORK KILLS® announces a writing contest about working. Prizes are 500 WORK KILLS shirts to be awarded with no entry fee.

WORK KILLS®, America's hottest "must have" fun and understatement T or sweatshirt, announces a writing contest about working.  Each of the 500 winners will win a beefy T or 80% cotton and 20% polyester sweatshirt shirt by writing their story on the contest contact page about the miseries they've had to endure from their working experiences and how they've coped with them.  WORK KILLS® believes that today's working environment takes a slow psychological and physically madding toll on all of us, day by day, and sadly, it all adds up to the deprivation of our Constitutional right of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  

Are you are trapped?  Tell us why.  Did you ever get even with someone and what did you do? No one likes being unjustifiably bossed around, stabbed in the back, put up with an unbearable day-after-day miserable commute twice a day, being lied to, short changed on commissions, deprived of sick leave, being underpaid and underappreciated, living under the threat of being replaced, particularly by a foreigner on a visa who you have to train or someone younger with no experience or being replaced by outsourcing, and generally being dehumanized as just "another number." 

In short, tell us why work is getting you psychologically down, wearing thin, driving you crazy and how you cope.  We know that there has to be a lot of interesting or funny stories out there and we appreciate your help.  We want your insights, suggestions, predictions and thoughts because you might be able to help our fellow American workers. 

Amuse us if you can because laughter is the lubrication of life.  Laughter helps the pain go away.  We are primarily interested in being amused because we designed and trademarked the Work Kills® shirt to make a powerful humorous understatement and protest.

When you wear the shirt people of all ages instantly understand and agree with it.  Don't be surprised when strangers say "I like your shirt" or "You got that right." or "Where can I get that shirt?"  You will find that wearing a Work Kills shirt is a real ice breaker.  You will proudly wear it to any casual occasion for years.  We do not advise that you wear the shirt to work, especially if you tell your boss that you've decided to be the company's new Morale Officer.  Maybe you could wear it on your last day?

We will post some of the winners on, not using your name unless you give us permission in writing, and insist that you do not identify any employers or workers by name. We have the first Winner's story posted on our website; check it out.

To get started, here's an alphabetical list (also available on the website) cataloging why work kills as follows: Age discrimination; "All I have in life is time-what am I doing here?"; Automated rejections; Automation; Avoiding Co-workers who cough or sneeze; Bad back; Best leads directed to others; Boredom; Broken promises; Carpal Tunnel; Cell phone leash; Change job; Check withholdings; Clock watching; Co-workers' "learning disorder"; Coffee diet; Commuting in traffic; Computer glitches; Control temper; Countdown to quitting; Cruel world; Customers suck; CYA for everything; Day dreaming, Dead end job; Digitization; Dirty tricks and practical jokes; Double crossed; Downsizing; Dress for success; Employee reviews; Endless meetings; Endlessly signing Happy Birthday cards; Ever longer hours without compensation; Ever-higher-quotas; Experience discounted; Exploitation; Faked loyalty; False perpetual smile; Fatigue; Favoritism; Fear of audits; Fear of outsourcing; Fighting for commissions; Flirting for leverage; Forced brown noising; Forced training of foreign replacement here on an H2b visa; Forever looking for niche-escape-hatch; Glass ceiling; Globalization; Hamster on never-ending-wheel; Hide yawns; Hide the ball; High blood pressure medication; Humiliation; Ignored by management; Interruptions; Invent excuses; Involuntary vacation rescheduling; It's sunny outside; Jealousy; Jerks; Just a number that can be replaced at the Boss' whim; Knife in the back; Lack of freedom; Layoffs; Lies; Losing ground on paying bills; Management constantly moving goalposts; Mandatory attendance at office parties; Micromanagement; Nasty gossip; Necessity to network; Nepotism; Net allows company to nullify hard-earned personal contacts; Never ending diet; Never positive feedback; Night shift; No credit for stolen ideas; No exercise, No overtime; Not a living wage; Office drones; Office politics; Office temperature; Overeducated and underemployed; Place blame elsewhere; Prejudice; Pretend to laugh at bad jokes; Protect reputation; Quotas; Rain making or perish; Replaceable by app; Retribution for telling the truth; Sabotage; Sadistic boss; Second job; Security; Serving coffee; Sex discrimination; Sick leave, Slavery; Square peg in round hole; Surveillance cameras 24/7 and email monitoring;  The grass is greener anywhere else; Threats; Underappreciated; Unequal pay; Unfair performance evaluation; Unfair wages; Unfulfilled sex; Union indifference, Wear identity badge; What retirement?; "Where's MY golden parachute?"; Withheld messages; Write-offs; "Yes" workers." 

Work Kills shirts are also available on  Just type "work kills sweatshirt" on the search bar. Click on a sweatshirt and you will automatically see the T shirt.  The contest is on-going until the last shirt is awarded.  Always remember that the purpose of life is to have fun; it's in our Constitution.     

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