Wondershare Unveils Recoverit 8.0 Data Recovery With Advanced Features

The latest update of Wondershare Recoverit 8.0 has been released with new and improved features. The application now provides a more intuitive user interface and an improved data recovery algorithm. It has also expanded supported devices and file types to make sure the tool would meet the growing needs of its users.

​​​Wondershare Recoverit is one of the leading data recovery tools of the present time, which works on both Mac and Windows PC. The last version of the tool, Recoverit 7.0, was widely recognized in the industry for its high data recovery rate. Recently, the brand has come up with a new release of the tool -- Recoverit 8.0. It features a wide range of advanced data recovery options that are expected to further widen the reach of the application in the industry. Furthermore, it will meet the growing demands of its existing user, letting them upgrade to the new version for free.

What are the new features of Recoverit 8.0?

It is important for every major application to improve and add new features with time. Recoverit by Wondershare is no exception, as the company has recently released an updated version of its data recovery tool. Recoverit 8.0 provides a simpler, faster and more efficient way to perform data recovery operations on Windows and Mac systems. The following are some of the latest updates to the tool:

· Intuitive and friendly interface

One of the major flaws of Recoverit 7.0 was the home screen, which asked users to select a recovery mode. There were times when users were not sure how they had lost their data. To overcome this issue, Recoverit 8.0 has come up with a simpler and more intuitive interface. The application will display a list of all the prospective locations to perform data recovery. Users can just select a location of their choice and start the recovery process.

· Faster Data Recovery

Recoverit 8.0 works on a highly sophisticated data recovery algorithm that is known to yield quick results. Compared to Recoverit 7.0, the results will be a whole lot more extensive and will be processed in less time. Recoverit 7.0 used to scan data in different modes like quick, deep, etc. On the other hand, Recover 8.0 will perform a more thorough scan right from the start.

· Pick any location

The smart interface of Recoverit allows its users to pick any location of their choice to scan. The interface will already list all the major locations on its home, though users can simply browse the target folder or directory for a specific scan.

· Extensive File and Device Support

Recoverit 8.0 also supports a wide range of devices and file types, improving the overall compatibility and success rate of the tool. For instance, users can now even recover raw and unprocessed files from a hard drive, USB drive, etc. that aren't recognized by Windows/Mac. Furthermore, recovery from GoPro, drone cameras and numerous other external sources is also extended.

· Better Preview and Classification

While Recoverit 7.0 would classify the results on the basis of data types (like photos or videos), the latest version provides a better option. It classifies data on the basis of file systems (like FAT32, NTFS, or APFS) instead. Also, users can now preview the recovered data in a better way through bigger windows.

With the release of Recoverit 8.0, the brand expects to propagate its presence in the data recovery industry even more. Nicole, who is one of the recent users of Recoverit 8.0 said, "Recoverit 8.0 is so much better than the previous version. In less than 30 minutes, I was able to get back my lost data, which would earlier take a lot of time. I would recommend every existing user to upgrade!"

Since Recoverit offers a free lifetime upgrade on its products, the existing users of Recoverit 7.0 can upgrade to Recoverit 8.0 easily. Also, people who have lost their data and are looking for a recovery tool would also benefit from this new and advanced solution.

About Wondershare Recoverit

Recoverit by Wondershare is one of the most popular and trusted data recovery tools in the world. The recovery tool is used by over 5 million people in 160+ countries already. Powered by high-end solutions and an advanced algorithm, it boasts one of the highest data recovery rates in the industry. The firm is also determined to come up with revolutionary and well-researched tools for its users, making their lives better and easier.

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