With Online Orders Soaring, Restaurant Operators and Delivery Marketplaces Turn to PopPay's E-Commerce Product to Reduce Payment Processing Fees

PopPay Now Integrates Directly Into Mobile Apps and Websites Complementing Its Existing In-Store And Drive-Thru Payment Capabilities

PopID announced today the expansion of its PopPay consumer payment system to mobile app and web-based ordering. PopPay links to consumers' credit or debit cards and enables them to make in-person payments using only their faces. PopPay now offers a single solution for both brick and mortar transactions and online orders, created on a website or in a mobile app.  

Over the last three years, hundreds of restaurant and retail locations around college campuses have started offering PopPay for in-person payments, and the PopID platform has performed millions of authentications. For in-person transactions, PopPay has been shown to increase average ticket size, reduce ordering times, improve loyalty participation, and cut payment processing fees, while at the same time boosting consumer satisfaction.  

A number of restaurant operators are now deploying PopPay on their websites and in their mobile ordering apps. For online transactions, PopPay reduces fraud and chargebacks. Most important, PopPay results in payment processing fees that are significantly lower than the "Card Not Present" fees that businesses are currently paying. "We originally adopted PopPay to increase average ticket size and enhance consumer satisfaction in our physical stores," said Megan Burns, partner at the Deli Time chain. "In the aftermath of Covid, PopPay in our digital channels is now helping us achieve our goal of reducing payment processing fees and increasing free cash flow."

Online delivery marketplaces are also integrating PopPay into the check out pages of their Apps. "PopPay is being widely used by college students across Southern California to order and pay for food and drink," said Mia McCarthy, CEO of Handle, a last mile delivery App. "Starting in November, our customers can now press the same PopPay button to check out that they have pressed in brick and mortar locations around campus. We're incredibly excited to integrate this technology into our e-commerce experience and it will no doubt provide a more convenient and integrated checkout experience for our users."

About PopID 

PopID provides a trusted and secure platform that enables businesses to give their customers and employees the option of authenticating their identity using advanced facial recognition.  

Source: PopID