With New Seated E-Scooter, Superpedestrian Seeks to Open Up Micromobility to More Riders

Superpedestrian launches 150 seated scooters in Baltimore this Friday, giving many people with disabilities and older riders a safe and comfortable transportation option

Superpedestrian today launched its first fleet of seated e-scooters in a major US city, bringing a more accessible option to riders in Baltimore, Maryland. Starting today, the MIT-spin off micromobility provider will deploy 150 of the seated scooters alongside its conventional fleet of 1,000 standing scooters, giving a more diverse range of riders a safe, comfortable way to make last-mile trips.

There is no additional cost and riders don't need to pre-book before riding. The seated scooters can be unlocked using the LINK app, which also distinguishes them on its map. The new seated model will be deployed next in Arlington, Virginia and then to select partner cities across the US in 2022.

Superpedestrian has prioritized the development of scooters that feel safe and comfortable for non-traditional scooter riders. With autonomous safety features, a longer wheelbase and sturdier construction, Superpedestrian already makes the safest and easiest-to-ride standard e-scooter. With this newest seated model, Superpedestrian is taking the lead in deploying vehicles that suit the most diverse possible range of riders, including many people with disabilities, older riders and many novice riders as well.

"We want to be a company that serves everyone. That's why we're the lowest-cost operator here in Baltimore and why we engineered a scooter that feels safe and comfortable to novice riders. And now with our seated scooter, we can open up the benefits of micromobility to a whole new world of riders," said Cheyanne Woodyard, Policy Manager at Superpedestrian.

The new seated Superpedestrian model features:

  • An adjustable seat that can be easily raised or lowered 7 inches to accommodate riders of varying height
  • Special recognition on the LINK app, so riders can quickly locate a seated scooter near them
  • Durable, quality engineering that ensures a smooth and comfortable ride

Learn more at Superpedestrian.com.

CONTACT: Julie Falvo | 908-635-6695


Source: Superpedestrian

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