Riders are now able to locate scooters using the Google Maps mobile app


E-scooter riders can now locate Superpedestrian's bright yellow shared scooters in the Google Maps mobile app, making it easier for riders to plan trips, including their first and last mile to public transit. Integrating Superdestrian's real-time locations into Google maps is a crucial step for making e-scooters a reliable and easy-to-use form of everyday transport. With the app, riders can plan their multimodal journey alongside real-time transit and rideshare information. 

"People use our scooters for all kinds of trips, often using them in conjunction with public transit, walking, and rideshare," said Jamie Perkins, Director of Communications at Superpedestrian. "It's important to us that our riders are supported with the best tools for planning their trip, and integrating with Google Maps is an obvious necessity to ensure riders can create plans and also change their plans on a whim." 

Superpedestrian's integration is currently live in cities across the United States, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Portugal. This is just the latest integration for Superpedestrian, which is also discoverable in apps, including Moovit, Transit, Citymapper, Wegfinder, Velocia, and Urbi.

How it works

Riders can find Superpedestrian scooters in Google Maps' bike section when planning their trip. In addition to real-time location, Google Maps will also display the scooter's battery range, estimated cost and trip travel time. When users select the scooter option, they will be directed to the Superpedestrian app to unlock the scooter. 

To ride a Superpedestrian scooter, simply download the Superpedestrian mobile app from the iOS or Android app store. Once you find a Superpedestrian scooter, be sure the throttle LED is GREEN, which means the scooter is available to rent. Then scan the scooter's QR code (located on top of the handlebars) via the Superpedestrian app to unlock it. Wait up to 10 seconds for the throttle LED to turn WHITE, indicating that the scooter is unlocked and ready to ride. 

About Superpedestrian: Superpedestrian was spun out of MIT in 2013 with the mission to develop the world's smartest and safest light electric vehicle fleets. In 2020, Superpedestrian debuted the LINK Scooter, heralded as "The Volvo of e-Scooters" for its patented Vehicle Intelligence platform that actively prevents costly mechanical and electrical hazards that beset other e-scooter operators. Named one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Transportation Companies of 2022, Superpedestrian has become a world leader in transportation robotics and human-scale mobility, holding over 40 patents in autonomous failure protection for vehicles, automated maintenance software, fleet optimization, and vehicle context awareness.  

Hi-resolution photos are available in Superpedestrian's press kit


Source: Superpedestrian