With Launch of Families With Holes, Inc., Bryan McMillan Offers Families Hope

Executive Consultant Bryan McMillan understands the difficulties families face with the loss of a loved one.

The loss of a loved one can be exceptionally trying on a family, particularly without the love and support of people to help them navigate the challenges of the grieving process. This is why Issachar Group Founder, Bryan McMillan, has established Families with Holes, Inc.; a foundation dedicated to providing families the help, hope and options they need to make it through what is a tremendously painful experience.

Based in Southlake, Texas, Families with Holes, Inc., has but one important mission: to provide grieving families the network of professional, qualified support, comfort, and counseling they need to begin the journey back to living their own unique purpose.

Families with Holes offers family members of all ages a committed and compassionate source of support. Their network of qualified therapists, counselors, and physician can provide both a warm shoulder and a helping hand during the grieving process. 

As someone who has experienced significant loss over the course of his life, Bryan McMillan understands the extensive pain and suffering that comes with tragedy, including the considerable strain such vacancies can place on the health and strength of the family.

At age 26, McMillan lost his mother to breast cancer, followed by the sudden death of his father to a heart attack three short years later. Shortly thereafter, the then-36-year-old father-of-three lost Jennifer, his wife of ten years, to acute lymphoblastic leukemia, leaving Bryan searching for answers for how best to guide his young family through such a harrowing series of tragedies.

Fortunately, Bryan McMillan and his children were able to find hope, and the ability to cope, with the help of private counseling with Christian counselors, as well as attending peer support groups at The WARM Place, a grief support center for children located in Fort Worth, Texas (https://www.thewarmplace.org). This support system provided a critical, much-needed sense of stability to his family.

Following the tragic, unexpected death of his oldest son, Chase, in 2016, McMillan and his family were once again facing overwhelming heartbreak and loss. Devastated and in great pain, McMillan and his loved ones were once again able to find a source of solace, comfort and support through God, well-qualified therapists, and professional counselors focused on navigating them through such uncharted territory.

It is these close and personal experiences with loss, and with the coping process, that led Bryan McMillan to build Families with Holes. Having faced so much significant loss in such a brief period of time, McMillan knows how hard it can be for families to walk the path of grief alone, which is why Families with Holes looks to provide the warm embrace, the helping hand and the open ear families need to rediscover their unique purpose and potential.

As Founder of Families with Holes, Bryan McMillan understands that while pain after loss is inevitable, suffering is optional.

About: Bryan McMillan currently serves as the President of a global medical device company, is the founder of The Issachar Group, an executive consulting firm located in Southlake, Texas, and is a member of the Board of Directors at the University of Texas at Dallas School of Biomedical Engineering. He and his family are members of Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas.


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Source: Families with Holes, Inc.