With His Musical Accomplishments Piling Up, Malik Yusef Is Rapidly Gaining Attention

"One Small Step for Man; One More Giant Leap for Hip-Hop"

Malik Yusef

Is Malik Yusef becoming the Quincy Jones of this generation? Quite possibly - because The WordSmyth, and number one Spoken Word musician in the world, is leaving quite a resounding buzz in the industry this year by accomplishing five key goals just this year: winning his sixth Grammy Award for co-writing and co-producing on Beyoncé’s Urban Contemporary Album of the Year, receiving placements on Drake and Mary J. Blige’s latest albums, receiving the Chicago Men of Excellence Award, winning his eighth ASCAP Award for The Life of Pablo, and finally co-executive producing Vic Mensa’s debut album under the Roc Nation imprint.

Yusef has graced the red carpet at the Grammy Awards 11 times over the last 12 years. He is responsible for some of the greatest hits of our generation; however, the most exciting collaborations yet to come might be from the stable of younger artists Malik has surrounded himself with such as Vic Mensa, Chaz French, Chance The Rapper, Rich Chigga, Earth Gang, G Syl, and most importantly his newly signed artist The Legendary Fya Man and The Carter. When asked about the possibility of a new collaborative album in production, Yusef loosely alluded to an onslaught of hit records on the way by saying, “The day after the Grammys every single year, whether we win or not, I get back in the studio and get to work. I’ve got a few special records in my catalog that I’ve been saving for the right time, and I feel like it’s about that time.”

Most listeners don’t pay attention to album credits or liner notes; they only see the winning artist walk across the stage to collect their award. The 60th Annual Grammy Awards, which takes place in New York City for the first time since 2003, will be an exciting night. Yusef has even predicted Vic Mensa as one of the Grammys' front-runners for 2018 Best New Artist.

A community activist, signed UMPG artist, Twitter disruptor (@malikyusef) and silent boardroom executive, Yusef has moved liked someone who doesn’t require the spotlight to shine and succeed. That kind of mentality is what has positioned him with the ability to pull in any artist, writer, and/or producer when needed; therefore, making all of his projects polarizing every time out. As it is, music lovers are arguing that his second studio album should be on every Top 10 Best Albums You Never Heard list.

Influence and access allow creativity to flow through at its maximum capacity when paired with passion. What makes people like Yusef, Jones, Rick Rubin, Swizz Beats, Pharrell and others alike sit in the greatest of all time category is their ability to transcend cultures through music but also fashion, art, and lifestyle.


For additional information about Malik Yusef, please visit his website at www.malikyusefjones.com.

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