Radio Personality Al Rucker is Scheduled to Host a New TV Show

Reewind Network will air The Al Rucker Show Uncut via Comcast Network

Al Rucker

Al Rucker is taking his syndicated radio show to television by signing a new deal to tape a new TV show. The Al Rucker Show Uncut will be an extended television version of The Al Rucker Radio Show; a sort of live behind the scenes version of the show, and is scheduled to start taping at 8 p.m. on Dec. 6. The show is anticipated to air weekly on Fridays starting Jan. 3 from 8-9 p.m. on the Reewind Network.  

“It’s been a long but amazing journey, and I’m excited to finally showcase my radio show on a television platform,” said Al. “My listeners and audience can now see what really goes on during and behind the scenes of my radio show. They will get to see great guest, audience participation, great conversation and just experience an overall high energy and exciting atmosphere!”

Al Rucker and Christopher Thompson are executive producers of the show, and Dave Lawson, comedian Keisha Hunt and Al are contributing writers for the show. Reewind Network is airing The Al Rucker Show Uncut via Comcast Cable Network, which covers the Washington, DC, Baltimore, Delaware and Pennsylvania areas.


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Source: The Al Rucker Radio Show and The Al Rucker Show Uncut