With Expanded Outdoor Features, Lifestyle Healing Institute Integrates Traditional and Holistic Medicine

Naples, Fla.-based treatment center blends scientifically validated diagnostics and therapies with lifestyle changes for chronic Lyme treatment and therapy for chronic illness.

Lifestyle Healing Institute, a center for complementary and alternative medicine, treats illnesses with data-driven approaches delivered by a medical team with decades of experience. With new investments in its outdoor garden campus, LHI recently enhanced its holistic, integrative approach to healthcare. 

LHI's improved campus includes gardens, nature paths for walking and bicycling, a swimming pool and badminton court, and outdoor spaces for meetings, lounging, meditation and prayer.

LHI founder Wyatt Palumbo said the treatment center has added the new features to enhance and improve patients' recovery process.

"It's like going to your primary care doctor or any specialist's office and having the ability to work with your doctors in both a clinical setting as well as in a real-world application," Palumbo said. "Patients have the ability to work in a clinical setting, and also in more of an everyday life setting, where they are able to ask questions and learn hands-on what works for them. They can directly apply lifestyle tools, new ways of life, and rediscover old ones."

The campus also allows caretakers such as spouses and other family members - the "silent warriors," Palumbo said - the opportunity to participate in both individual and group treatments to support their loved ones' healing and recovery process. 

By blending scientifically validated diagnostics and therapies with the necessary lifestyle changes to support both the body and mind, LHI specializes in the treatment of chronic illness, including immune and infectious disease disorders like chronic Lyme disease, as well as chronic conditions involving pain, fatigue, brain fog, among others. Now patients with these everyday illnesses have the opportunity to work in both a traditional setting of a clinic and the real-world outdoor setting of what Palumbo calls the "pharm property." 

"I haven't seen this kind of integrated treatment center short of paying tens of thousands of dollars or unless you have access to a large-scale hospital and university system," Palumbo said. "It's now available to the everyday patient locally and nationwide becoming the only Lyme disease treatment center of its kind." 

All of LHI's therapies and facilities are integrated within one personalized treatment program with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and healthcare practitioners with more than 150 years of clinical and medical experience. 

Each program includes utilization of the "pharm property," the outdoor space that spans about two acres and functions as a "real-world rehabilitation" for adults working towards healing, both one-on-one and in groups.

"We began by providing chronic Lyme treatment, addressing all the symptoms that accompany the disease," Palumbo said. "Treating those patients quickly showed us that this kind of facility better supports the whole person no matter the symptoms they had."

LHI has successfully treated more than 1,000 patients since its founding in 2014 with its holistic and integrative approach to traditional care, blending biochemical, emotional, psychological, and lifestyle therapies in both indoor and outdoor environments.

"We are hoping to redefine what primary care should look like," Palumbo said. "It's critical that we address each person's unique healing needs while keeping them engaged in the process, and investing in our natural campus ensures we can continue to do that."

To learn more, visit https://lifestylehealinginstitute.com.

About Lifestyle Healing Institute
Lifestyle Healing Institute is a complementary and alternative treatment center specializing in chronic illness and overprescribed medications. Using a data-driven, holistic approach to healthcare, LHI's patented Baseline Therapy is delivered in one treatment program by a team of integrated doctors and healthcare professionals. To learn more, visit www.lifestylehealinginstitute.com.

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