WIS International Expands Global Inventory Services Presence Into France With Fairson Partnership

The new partnership positions both companies to lead the industry as premier providers in inventory services, data collection, and customer service in Europe.

WIS + Fairson

WIS International, the global leader in inventory and retail services, expanded its presence into Western Europe by forming a new partnership with Fairson, a complete retail inventory solutions provider. Headquartered in France, Fairson’s inventory solutions serve retail customers primarily in France, Spain, Portugal and Italy, while continuing to expand into new markets as far as the Caribbean. 

The new partnership allows both WIS International and Fairson to reach new customers across the globe while sharing cutting-edge and innovative technology, global resources and local know-how. Fairson, which has provided inventory solutions since 1995, has built a trusted brand and reputation with blue-chip retailers throughout France and beyond, offering services to over 200 brands throughout Europe. By working together, the partnership will leverage Fairson’s European market expertise with WIS International’s scale and capabilities to deliver unparalleled value to retail businesses striving to increase profitability through reduced costs and increased sales, achieved with more accurate inventory control. 

“The decision to work with Fairson was easy as they are already positioned as inventory experts in the European market, delivering solutions on a compelling technology platform. By partnering with them, it supports WIS International’s goal to expand our first-class services to an expanding global audience while enhancing the inventory services that Fairson already provides. We look forward to the mutually beneficial opportunities that this partnership creates,” said Jim Rose, CEO of WIS International.

For more than 60 years, WIS Inventory Solutions has offered customers unparalleled inventory control solutions with unmatched staffing capabilities, advanced technology, and superior processes. In the last decade, WIS has achieved immeasurable success as it continues to grow, gaining an international presence and offering increased support to its domestic partners. The new partnership with Fairson is another example of how WIS continuously strives to provide the best for its customers.


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Source: WIS International