WIS International Introduces FlexCount® – a New Self-Service Inventory Counting Platform

This new platform has been designed to provide retailers greater flexibility on how they handle inventory counts – from self-counting to full service and every option in between.


Utilizing innovative new technology, WIS International has introduced an advanced inventory counting platform supported with new hardware and software that allows retailers increased flexibility for their inventory counting events. FlexCount® was designed for first-time or occasional users and delivers an intuitive experience through a device similar to a smartphone. It allows retailers to easily count their inventory anytime and anywhere. The simplicity of the platform can also help reduce labor costs, by eliminating lengthy training, cumbersome hardware, and complicated software.

“FlexCount® is a completely new, out-of-the-box, self-scan inventory auditing solution,” said Jim Rose, CEO of WIS International. “It’s the most advanced technology solution currently available that was designed to meet the needs and requirements as defined by our retail partners.”

To allow the platform to evolve and improve, FlexCount® is backed by powerful AI and machine learning components. The design will allow it to learn and adapt to continuously improve the overall user experience.

“Because it’s a modern application, we’ve leveraged machine learning and artificial intelligence components,” said Bill McDonald, CIO of WIS International. “Therefore, the platform actually learns and does it on a customer specific level. Over time, it will become even more efficient and tailored to that customer’s specific needs.”

FlexCount® is backed by WIS International, the recognized leader in full-service inventory solutions. FlexCount® customers will benefit from their expertise and experience in coordinating inventory events. Also, with over 20,000 employees in North America, they can provide in-store support if needed.

“In addition to self-count, we can provide supervisors and counters in any combination and quantity that a retailer desires anywhere our help is needed,” said Waseem Bawa, COO of WIS International. “With FlexCount®, we are the only company in the industry that can truly provide every level of inventory counting services.”


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, WIS International is a well-recognized leader in inventory data collection and retail services. Our leadership position has been earned through the support of over 20,000 dedicated and experienced associates. Working together, they help the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, warehouse, and specialty sectors reduce costs and increase profits. With accuracy and efficiency as paramount benchmarks, WIS delivers retail services, proprietary inventory counting technology, real-time reporting, and powerful insights that help our customers to be more efficient and effective.

Source: WIS International