Windows 10 Updated by Microsoft

Microsoft has released an update with the number KB3081424 a few days after windows 10 release date.

Windows 10 finally released in 29/7/2015, comes with many feature and almost people who was running windows 7 or 8 got a chance to upgrade to windows 10 free without have to pay a penny and this was an amazing news from Microsoft all people liked it.

Microsoft has released an update for windows 10 one week after the release date. The new update with the number KB3081424 is a cumulative update which means contains all the previous updates since Microsoft has released  windows 10. For this reason, the size of this update differs from one to other depends on what updates is installed before.

Windows 10 system will automatically download and install this update, so no one needs to download the update manually. Microsoft is advised to save all the work and settings because after finishing install this update the computer is going to restart automatically, 

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