Impressing! Sony Tells Vaio's Users "Don't Upgrade to Windows 10 Till OCT 2015"

Sony tells Vaio's users to keep using windows 8 or windows 7 and don't upgrade to windows 10 before Oct 2015!.

Windows 10 is free for almost people, window's users had been impressed by this awesome windows release. many people loved to use it since Microsoft has put over many features in Windows 10.

but some days ago, Sony advised Vaio's users and told them," Don't Upgrade to windows 10 and keep using windows 8 or windows 7 until Oct 2015". This news impressed everyone and some Vaio's users disappointed about this.

the true news is that Sony hasn't released any update for Vaio's devices and told people to wait until Oct 2015 so the drivers will be completely updated, after that, Vaio's users can install windows 10 without facing any problem with it. 


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