Wilson Allen Named to the Microsoft AI Inner Circle Partner Program

By advancing the use of AI and machine learning, Wilson Allen to help professional services firms better understand customer sentiment, pursue new business, and increase efficiency of service delivery

Wilson Allen

​Wilson Allen today announced it has been selected by Microsoft as an AI Inner Circle partner. The AI Inner Circle Partner program recognizes partners who have unique expertise in specific industries and an ability to drive business transformation using the power of AI and data.

Using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, Wilson Allen makes it easier for professional services firms to perform analytics on previously siloed and unstructured data. It delivers prebuilt AI and machine learning models that can run on premise or in the cloud. Firms can turn paper documents and disparate data sources into structured data for detailed machine learning analysis. The result is live, integrated data sets that can be visualized in Microsoft Power BI, providing valuable insight for enhancing business relationships and increasing process efficiency.

“Being selected by Microsoft as an AI Inner Circle Partner is an important recognition of Wilson Allen’s strategic vision and real-world execution, enabling firms to make better use of data across the client engagement life cycle,” says Norm Mullock, VP of strategy for Wilson Allen. “By applying our fundamental understanding of the needs of professional services firms and building on Microsoft’s advanced technology stack, we're able to provide our joint customers with tools they can quickly deploy to speed time to value.”

Wilson Allen has helped hundreds of firms worldwide make better use of business technology. It has earned world-class client satisfaction scores for consulting services as well as its software solutions, including its CRM practice, Wilson Proforma Tracker digital billing software. An area of focus for the company is to continually find new ways to help firms make better business decisions.

“Firms are increasingly adopting more nimble data models that allow a broader view of data, moving away from rigid data warehouses,” says Greg Murphy, VP of products for Wilson Allen. “The ability to quickly bring together siloed information is the future of data modeling and analytics – whether its on-premise practice management data from sources like 3E or Expert or if its cloud-sourced client data from ClearlyRated or Intapp OnePlace. The Cognitive Services platform Microsoft has developed, particularly in its containerization AI approach, brings together these data models with prebuilt machine learning models in the intuitive interface favored by many firms – Power BI.”

Wilson Allen draws upon several tools within the Cognitive Services family including Form Recognizer that processes documents such as PDFs from unstructured data into structured data sets that are ready for analysis. The Text Analytics service uncovers insights such as sentiment, entities, and key phrases in unstructured text. Firms can analyze digitized documents for key phrases and visualize the results in Power BI dashboards to better understand client feedback or identify common topics in timecard narratives, lawyers’ notes, or client onboarding documents.

Wilson Allen developed its sentiment analysis capabilities in partnership with ClearlyRated, a client feedback solution, using Wilson Allen’s own Net Promoter Score data. ClearlyRated can now extend this capability to its clients.

“Wilson enables ClearlyRated customers to correlate quantitative feedback scores with qualitative feedback, the strengths of a business relationship, and lawyer behavior — identifying areas where they can improve and mapping sentiment alongside traditional performance metrics,” says Eric Gregg, CEO and Founder, ClearlyRated. “That’s almost impossible for a human to do — but it’s achievable with Cognitive Services and the right supporting technologies and expertise.”

Source: Wilson Allen