Will New York Pay For Your Bed Bug Epidemic?

Bed bug violations have been recorded in NYC, and some of the complaints were from apartment renters and tenants. These growing numbers of violators force City Officials to implement additional policy that require owners to make new strategies.

More than 4,800 bed bug guidelines violators were reported in New York City last year. Moreover, the number of calls received recently, alarmed the City officials. The new policy and guidelines were now stiffer than before, and landlords were prompted to follow these guidelines, or else they are subjected to penalties, fines and worse... city would take action by taking over the property.

With this new policy, landlords were now finding ways to fight against bed bugs and other pests in their properties. CEO of Green Cleaning Products has developed a product that is proven effective and does get rid of bed bugs in seconds - Bed Bug Bully.

Moreover, Bed Bug Bully is one of the innovations of home cleaning products made and distributed by MyCleaningProducts.com. Products from MyCleaningProducts are all 100% organic and follow the regulation of EPA.

Apartment and housing owners can now be confident they follow the guidelines from the City Office through these organic cleaning products.

New York City New Guidelines ======

"Harsher penalties are now being imposed in NYC landlords who are delinquent and neglectful with regards to the issue of bed bugs infestations in apartments and rooms. Health Department of Big Apple requires landlords and hotel owners to comply with the new policy to avoid penalties and fine."

"CEO of Green Cleaning Products is reaching out landlords and pest control services to go green by using organic cleaning products such as Bed Bug Bully while killing bed bugs. In this process, there's no need for the tenants or occupants to move out, since Bed Bug Bully is derived from natural product that is safe to humans and environment. In addition, this product doesn't stain your mattress as well as your carpet."

"If you need to know more about this product, you can visit Green Cleaning Products. And read this news below to know about the recent policy implemented by City Health in New York."

"Landlords facing harsher penalties..."

"NEW YORK (AP) - Despite the itchy rise to prominence of bedbugs around New York City, officials have long been limited in what they could do to get negligent landlords to address the spread of the minuscule critters. On Tuesday, city officials announced a policy change that could leave landlords facing harsher penalties."

"While the apple-seed-size bugs are not considered a medical threat, city officials will begin issuing Health Department abatement orders that carry stiffer possible penalties than the violations handed out by housing officials, the City Council and housing and health officials announced."

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