Kill Bed Bugs: Product To Bring While On Travel

Wherever you go, Bed Bug Bully is of great help in order to get rid of bed bugs and keep away these irritating tiny insects in your travel bags and luggages. It's better to be safe from bed bugs infestation than be sorry if you bring them at home.

For most travelers carrying bed bugs at home can be a serious issue, since getting rid of bed bugs and hiring bed bugs exterminator is much expensive than traveling across. Most of these travelers got bed bugs from hotels where they sleep.

Green Bean has developed Bed Bug Bully, a new product specifically kills bed bugs, its eggs and larvae. This product is considered to be the most effective bed bug killer, since it is more concentrated than other bed bug products. CEO of Green Cleaning Products and experts endorsed Bed Bug Bully not only for eradicating bed bugs, dust mites and allergens at home, offices, hotels and hospitals; it is now widely being used by frequent travelers to keep away bed bugs on their things.

A small bottle of Bed Bug Bully inside your luggage can save you thousands of dollars from bed bugs exterminators. This is the most cost-effective solution for bed bug removal before going home. In addition, read these few tips on how to get rid of bed bugs, so you can efficiently get rid of these tiny annoying insects.

Get Rid Of Bed Bus Before Going Home ==========

"With proper identification, a thorough room inspection, and careful packing and unpacking, you can stop worrying about sleeping tight - and letting the bedbugs bite."

"What Do Bedbugs Look Like?"

"Wingless bedbugs range in size from 1 to 7 millimeters, are reddish brown, and flat and oval in shape. Fecal droppings (brown or black stains that look like pepper flakes), shed skins, and the tinier translucent eggs and nymphs (juveniles) are evidence of the live pest."

"Pre-Trip Packing Tips"

"A hard-shelled suitcase has fewer folds and seams where bedbugs can hide. Pack your belongings - clothes, toiletries, shoes - in sealable plastic bags, and open only when accessing the items. Alternatively, consider wrapping your entire pack in a trash bag to stave off potential infestations during your travels."

"Before Unpacking Your Luggage"

"Many travelers throw a suitcase on the bed or keep the bag zipped up on the floor in hopes of keeping out any wandering scourges. Instead, place your baggage - including any purses, backpacks, or camera bags - on a luggage rack or in the bathroom, where there are fewer nooks and crannies."

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Aside from thorough inspection of your luggages, you need to have a solution that could kill bed bugs that are 100% organic and safe to use.

You can purchase a small bottle of Bed Bug Bully at or grab a sample to get fully satisfied.


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