Wilbur Smith Fights to Protect Mother's Statutory Right to Breastfeed in Any Location, Public or Private

On Friday, July 29th Juliana Valverde took her baby to see the movie ‘Bad Moms’ at Regal Bell Tower Stadium 20 with 50 or so other moms. While in the lobby of the theater her daughter needed to nurse. While breastfeeding her daughter, Juliana was told by the manager she needed to cover up or leave the theater. Word spread and approximately 30 other moms walked out in support.

Said Juliana of her experience: “I was shocked by what happened.  Regal Cinemas has zero respect for what it takes to be a mother, and apparently, its employees view moms as second class citizens.”

Said Attorney Sawyer C. Smith of his client: “Regardless of how Regal Cinemas views women and mothers, the State of Florida recognizes the important act of breastfeeding and provides mothers with a statutory right to breastfeed in any location, public or private.  Juliana intends to enforce that right for herself and for women everywhere.”

It is deplorable that in today’s modern world we have to fight to protect people’s basic rights to fair treatment.  At Wilbur Smith we strive to right the injustices endured every day at the hands of those in power.

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