Wide Network Solutions to Assist Turkey's TRT in Global Distribution

Through a new partnership with Wide Network Solutions, the Turkish public services flagship international channels TRT World, TRT Arabi and also TRT Avaz will be available to millions of more of viewers across Europe, Russia and the CIS.


LONDON, May 6, 2019 (Newswire) -​Wide Network Solutions announced a new partnership with Turkey’s leading and national broadcaster TRT -- Turkish Radio and Television Corporation.

The Turkish public services flagship international channels TRT World, TRT Arabi and also TRT Avaz will be available to millions of more of viewers across Europe, Russia and the CIS. The channels are now free to air on the TurkmenAlem satellite at 52 degrees East. This new satellite is positioned to ensure excellent coverage in the region.

TRT’s English language international news channel, TRT World, has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2015. TRT’s Arabic channel is the newest addition to the network’s global news and current affairs coverage. The TurkmenAlem satellite has a substantial footprint, covering more than 52 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, and will ensure that even more households now have the ability to receive TRT’s high-quality content.

Wide Network Solutions Chairman Peter Cameron says the partnership with TRT channels will be of utmost benefit: “We are very enthusiastic to be working with such a professional network of News channels. TRT is globally recognized as being one of the leaders in the industry. The network has a long established history of success in the region, and we are delighted to be a part of taking that success to the next level.”

“Wide Network Solutions has been working to develop and launch a broad new collection of broadcasters on the TurkmenAlem satellite. As the satellite’s biggest operator, we are proud of the latest international additions, from Turkey to the TurkmenAlem portfolio. Other household names we are broadcasting include France24 and NHK Japan,” Cameron added.

Geopolitically situated between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s international channels have an important role in interpreting and reflecting world events and human stories with a different perspective. Furkan Han, TRT World’s Head of Global Digital and Satellite Distribution and Partnership, says, “TRT has been investing in reinforcement of its global audience through partnerships with satellites all over the world. We are glad to collaborate with Wide Network Solutions offering our premium international channels on TurkmenAlem satellite as free to air to reach more viewers in Europe, Russia and CIS.”

Wide Network Solutions said in a statement that the company is proud to be part of the future of Turkey’s international broadcasting industry and looks forward to seeing continuing success for the TRT Network.


Source: Wide Network Solutions


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