Wide Network Solutions and ATHENSA's Ambitious Project to Build a Playout Farm Becomes a Reality

Wide Network Solutions, one of the world's leading satellite operators, and ATHENSA.tv from San Diego, CA, the successor of PlayBox Technology, a major "Channel-in-a-Box" TV automation provider, announced a joint project to create hundreds of affordable and ready to use playout servers for TV channels around the globe.

Wide Network Solutions has invested millions of dollars in developing reliable infrastructures to host ATHENSA playout solutions on some of the fastest servers in the world.

Marco Smith, Wide Network Solutions' CTO, says, "The aim is to create a playout farm, similar to render farms, where TV channels or occasional users can benefit from a playout solution that is reliable, fast, and ready to be utilized in just a few clicks. ATHENSA and WNS share the same view that the age of expensive and complex TV automation solutions is over. Both companies believe in providing solutions that are used by many, rather than the few."

Vassil Lefterov, now Founder and CEO of ATHENSA.tv and original Founder and CEO of PlayBox Technology since 1999, called the partnership, "The perfect example of a business cooperation which enables ATHENSA to reach new market niches. We really appreciate the precise positioning of Wide Network Solutions, both in terms of their technology innovation in the playout business streamlining and geographical coverage and future expansion emphasis. The combination of the unique value propositions of our two companies creates an extremely attractive offer for many TV clients, in very important markets such as Asia and Africa, which have a substantial growth potential in the next few years. The strategic alliance with WNS brings funds to ATHENSA which we re-invest in our R&D operations, to develop further the 'Channel-in-a-Box' platform into the future of end-to-end IP workflows."

Wide Network Solutions is ATHENSA's official business partner. The partnership has allowed WNS to bring ATHENSA's state of the art IP payout solutions to clients in several emerging markets which previously had no access to ATHENSA's solutions.


Source: Wide Network Solutions

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