Why IT Firms Find Newswire Distribution the Key to Media Coverage

Companies looking to make headlines and make waves in the industry can do so with the help of Newswire's Financial Distribution Platform.

Why IT Firms Find Newswire Distribution the Key to Media Coverage

Financial news cycles operate at a rapid pace, but the value they provide in terms of brand awareness cannot be underestimated during these unprecedented times for the U.S. economy. As the services of IT firms increase in demand with the rising popularity of the digital workplace transformation, Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform gives C-suite executives the ability to position their brand as an industry authority heading into Q4 of the financial year. 

In a recent article published by Money Control, editor Swathi Moorthy details how IT firms working with large US retailers are projected to bounce back in the quarters to come. Retailers have quickly become one of the major employers of IT firms as many brands are looking to create seamless online shopping experiences.

This upward trend for the IT sector of the business services industry presents key opportunities for businesses looking to establish themselves as market leaders for the upcoming winter season. Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform can serve as an instrumental tool to brand strategy campaigns focused on driving positive consumer sentiment in B2B markets. 

"Credibility in the B2B space is vital, as companies are more willing to entrust reputable firms with substantial industry recognition than those with minimal online presence," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP of Earned Media Advantage Business. "Newswire’s Distribution and Communications Platform helps executives expand their brand awareness with relevant content campaigns.”

Newswire’s Financial Distribution includes connections with all major stock exchanges, a trusted source for market news, and industry-leading customer support to ensure that IT and business services leaders can distribute relevant company information to the right audiences at the right time to optimize their brand positioning efforts. 

“There is a strong value in the network’s ability to connect businesses with target audiences, and there is an extra layer of value in our team’s ability to assist new customers every step of the way as they set up, schedule, and launch campaigns,” said Anthony Santiago, Newswire’s VP of Marketing. 

Newswire’s Distribution across media and marketing channels has resulted in IT firms and business services companies gaining valuable media coverage to outlets such as Forbes, Business Insider, Chicago Tribune and Pulse 2.0.

Learn more about how Newswire’s Financial Distribution Platform can help your business achieve success in brand positioning. 

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