Why Does a Regulatory Agency Hide Behind Cardboard-Cutouts? Where Did All Their Lawyers Go?

We went to the BCSC for help as innocent victims, how could the BCSC a regulatory agency mandated with enforcing a ethical, fair and just financial marketplace justify entrapping us instead of helping us? What is the BC Securities Commission hiding? Why all the lies and deception? Why did the BC Securities Commission insist on prosecuting the U-GO brands directors for crimes it knew we did not commit? Why hold back hearings transcripts from us?

U-GO Brands Inc.


On 20/11/2014 10:49 AM, TERESA MITCHELL-BANKS WROTE: "Mr. Harris, The matter is under review. There cannot be any settlement until all the Respondents, individuals and corporate, have admitted all the allegations. Are you all prepared to do so? If the allegations are agreed to then we can propose a settlement on sanction. Any settlement would have to include financial penalties."

Ms Mitchell-Banks, Director of Criminal Enforcement Division at the BCSC



A true story of deception, lies, fraudulent concealment, harassment, betrayal, conspiracy, extortion, racketeering, slander, breach of trust by public officials, greed, abuse of power, intimidation, illegal freezing of personal trust accounts, and the destroyed lives of five honest BC citizens entangled in this web. Included are photos of said cardboard cut-outs and the “Surveillance files” a quick rundown on a few encounters with some of the friends in the world of shadows.

This is a true story. All events, names, and details are based on real actual happenings in relation to the BCSC.

Why does the BCSC go to such lengths to suppress the Rule of Law from existing in its “Courts” and “Tribunals”?

How much money has the BCSC spent on choppers and multiple surveillance teams that have hounded us SINCE they ruled against us in December 2015?

It is time for the shareholders and public to know the truth as to the demise of U-GO Brands.

We have filed Criminal Charges against all involved with the RCMP detachment in , B.C Canada. File number is 2015-25798.

I will try to be brief and clear as possible in what is a lengthy and complicated case.

We are being prosecuted for crimes we either did not commit or were entrapped into committing by the BC Securities Commission. The BCSC is responsible for maintaining a financial marketplace that is ethical, fair and just.

The BCSC ensures the “integrity” of the Securities (Stocks and Bonds) markets and “protects” the people by entrapping citizens who go to them for help, illegally seizing their Bank accounts, lying under oath to cover it up, and destroying transcripts of “Court” hearings while denying they ever existed.

They print publications across major news networks accusing citizens they know are innocent of Defrauding their own friend's and family of $1.7 Million dollars. Even after they cannot prove this in their sham of a “Court” they still continue to print falsehoods.

The following statement was released by the BCSC on Dec 28 as part of a BCSC press release issued in the Daily Courier in regards to the U-Go Brand/ case.

Harris, , Burke and have been ordered to pay $636,000 to the BCSC. That’s the amount they obtained as a result of their misconduct in relation to U-GO.”

Once again the BCSC insists on printing statements about the respondents it knows are false and misleading for the consumption. The statement made here would lead the average lay person to believe we committed fraud and profited from ill gotten gains. The BCSC knows full well this isn't true yet it perpetuates falsehoods in regards to the respondents all the time. The truth is U-GO Brands was destroyed by the Commission based on allegations by the Commission that were known and proven to be false from the beginning.

After the BCSC seizes your Bank account illegally, your Bank should fight hard enough to get it back for you in a week or two. That will give the BCSC opportunity to publicly post your account numbers and all relevant information not once but TWICE on their public website. They did this to us about eight months after one of the lawyers we had retained asked them to pull it down the first time in 2014.

The list goes on and on, I could talk about Ms. Teresa Mitchell Banks who is head of the Criminal Enforcement division and her insistence we plead guilty to ALL allegations not just the proven allegations (as the BCSC manual states is policy ) when she knows the allegations are not true. This is ILLEGAL.

To this day the BCSC continues to perpetuate lies and continue its crime. No one will talk about it or tell the truth.

We filed criminal charges against the BCSC on June 3rd 2015 and against many of its employees including, CEO Brenda , Ms. Theresa Mitchell Banks and investigator Lindsay who perjured herself under oath and others. We have also laid charges against Micheal De the Minister of Finance and Clark the BC Premier. The list of charges includes but is not limited to Perjury, Collusion, Accessory, Conspiracy, Fraudulent Concealment, Theft, Tampering/Withholding Evidence, and Breach of Trust. The Police have been very helpful and we are told the investigation has gone to a special investigations unit after the first four months of investigation verified our charges but exposed much more.

We are very concerned the crime will simply be swept under the rug and ignored while the BCSC continues to destroy lives and tear legitimate companies apart. We do not deny the need for a Securities Regulator we only ask that they adhere to the Rule of Law. The current system is nothing short of extortion; we know of at least one major operating in BC whom the BCSC is aware of yet they let her continue operation while they try to pin innocent people to the wall.

These are just some of the lengths the BCSC will go to to try and pin a charge on someone they know is innocent.

If the Rule of Law does not apply to the Financial System are we not simply slaves of those who control the system??

Now the BCSC has taken to intimidation tactics to silence the truth including thugs and surveillance vans being sent to follow at least one the respondents in for up to a year.

The BCSC also broke into my hotel room to hack my laptop in Vancouver in early 2015, I have multiple witnesses although the Hotel will not release the surveillance footage from the camera above our door. We caught the perpetrators red-handed leaving the hotel room.

Since the BCSC has released their decision on the U-GO Brands case they have only stepped up their surveillance and harassment campaign against us, why won' they talk to us in a real Court of Law??

We will be making public evidence to back our claims on our Blog below..

See the following for more..  www.bcsecuritiescommissionasham.blogspot.ca/2016/01/bc-securities-surveillance-files-two.




Christopher Andrew Burke

Peter Harris

U-GO Brands Inc.


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