How Are Fake FBI Agents, South Carolina Bank Fraud and the BC Securites Commission All Connected?

Why would the BC Securities Commission ignore con-artists posing as FBI agents in order to commit fraud inside its jurisdiction? Why then would it spend all its efforts trying to entrap innocent victims instead? Why does the BCSC hide behind cardboard cut-outs? What is the BC Securities Commission afraid of? The truth?

  The BC Securities Commission is mandated with ensuring a fair, just and ethical financial market in British Columbia.  Why would they overlook or purposefully ignore someone who is now posing as an FBI agent to commit fraud within their own jurisdiction and instead focus their efforts on entrapping and destroying the lives of innocent civilians?

All these questions and more tie in to the saga of U-GO Brands Inc, for more see the following link.

"Why does the BC Securities Commission ignore con-artists operating inside its jurisdiction and instead attempt to prosecute innocent citizens? Is the BC Securities Commission really going to let someone impersonate an FBI agent in order to defraud British Columbians and get away with it?"

Christopher Burke, Director - U-GO Brands Inc

Why would the BC Securities Commission entrap innocent victims who go to them for help? These are citizens who became aware of fraud in a project they were involved in and did the right thing. Not only did the BC Securities Commission attempt to bury them for crimes they knew they were innocent of, the BC Securities Commission ignored multiple real fraudsters in the process. The first was Klaus Glusing now deceased who was the CEO of Spryu the original company involved in the U-GO Brands saga, the second fraudster goes by the name of Sue Sampat and was or still is connected to Alpha Pacific Financial. There may be more involved, it is possible Sue Sampat has many names. This is the trail that lead to an "FBI" agent sending us a email to let us know we had won the email lottery.

 Sue Sampat runs multiple types of scams including email fishing scams and fake investment opportunities from Saudi Sheiks. Sue Sampat has also been connected to Bank fraud in North Carolina and a Mr Allen Smith operating in fraudulent financial activities worldwide often from the Lloyds of London. We have much further evidence including the tracing of IP addresses to a location in California and a connection to Mr Allen Smith. We will not make it all available here however we will periodically release evidence on our blog 

We made the BC Securities Commission aware of Sue Sampat two years ago yet the BC Securities Commission chose to turn a blind eye even though they knew she was operating in their jurisdiction. Instead the BC Securities Commission continued its illegal and malicious prosecution of the U-GO Brands Directors.

The following is a exert from a copy of one of our many communications with the BC Securities Commission. In this exert Mr. Peter Harris asks the BCSC again why they are not investigating Sue Sampat.

The BC Securities Commission

Citation: 2014 BCSCECCOM 404

Received: October 1, 2014

Remark: No wonder the BCSC numbers do not correlate since they have grouped all of the accounts together when some accounts have no connection to this case file.

Paragraph 34

In-gaged in investor relation activities, (Name Proetected) and (Name Protected), based on information from Sue Sampat that was involved in our being defrauded $17,000 and to this date we have not heard that the BCSC are investigating Sue Sampat…

 And here below Mr. Peter Harris confronts Sue Sampat as a fraud:

E C H O P A R T N E R S L T D . P e t e r D. Ha r r i s Di r e c tor , Bo ar d S e c r e t ar y P hon e : 2 5 0 -765-8213 E -ma i l : p. ha r r i s@t e lu s . ne t We b s i t e :

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Alpha Pacific Financial Group

Dear Ms. Sampat,

It has become obvious by your recent actions and not responding to my simple questions yesterday, this only lets me to conclude that you have not been forthright and honest with our group.

I will not address or qualify the chain of events that have occurred since we have established a working alliance with you. Nonetheless, I will discuss the commercial and criminal aspects of this file.

In reference to Echo Partners paying you a $10K retainer, plus another $8K (approx.) for said trips to New York and Florida, and in addition the Business Plan that you never delivered, we therefore demand that you send via e-mail all of your receipts for your trips and including an invoice from Alpha Pacific Financial Group for the Business Plan that you charges Echo $5K.

Ms. Sampat, your fraudulent activities have back fired on you and to your unfortunate demise, you have hit on the wrong "MARCK". For this reason Ms. Sampat, we demand that you immediately deposit in the below mention bank account $18K that you fraudulently stole from Echo Partners and I’m not going to dispute the fact we gave you more than $8K.

Banking info protected

Reference: echo 086- 1 3-07 -201 4 WI THOUT PRE JUDI CE

E C H O P A R T N E R S L T D . P e t e r D. Ha r r i s Di r e c tor , Bo ar d S e c r e t ar y P hon e : 2 5 0 -765-8213 E -ma i l : p. ha r r i s@t e lu s . ne t W 

Ms. Sampat, if you do not comply or respond within the next 72 hours of this message, we will react and proceed as follows.

I have been in contact with my associates in Montreal and Ottawa, I must compliment you on flying under the radar for so long, my associates are very impressed and interested in your past activities and congratulations, you now have your own "Yellow Sheet", and that’s only the beginning of your imminent demise that only you can avert Ms. Sampat.

Ms. Sampat, it is not my intent to be retaliatory with you, all we respectfully request is that you return the funds you stole from Echo Partners, and we will call it a day.

However, if you so choose to ignore this letter and underestimate my ability to reach-out to you via Government Agencies and make your life unpleasant for a long time is only determined by your actions in the next 72 hours of this letter.

For example, I’m confident you do not want to be on the FAA’s No Fly List, this would be catastrophic for you.

Please govern yourself accordingly.


Peter D .Harris

 In the pictures provided we show you how an FBI imposter who just so happens to use the same methods as past letters received from associates of Sue Sampat such as Mr Allen Smith and a fake named representative Mr Christopher Harris attempt to continue their scams.

 We do not believe it is by accident that the name contains Mr. Christopher Burkes first name and Mr. Peter Harris's last name. We have included screen shots of the email from a fake FBI agent who goes by James Comey and an associated agent Mr. Christopher Harris.

Also included among pictures is an email to one of our partners from Sue Sampat, the email is her response to our halt on a payment she was about to receive from us. We had uncovered her fraudulent activities and intended to put a halt to any further activities associated with her or 'Mr. Allen Smith'.

 After all our experiences in the last few years we have come to realize that the BC Securities Commission has no interest in the truth or maintaining a fair and ethical financial marketplace in British Columbia. Instead it hides behind surveillance vans and hired thugs that prosecute honest citizens for telling the truth while ignoring the real problems in the marketplace. See the photos attached. The van with the cardboard cutout with eye holes was parked in a position to watch me go shopping, run errands, or go to my friends or parents house all from that spot. What is the BC Securities Commission hiding? Is it hiding fake FBI agents who prey on BC citizens? Is it hiding a Mr. Allen Smith or maybe a James Comey? Why does the BC Securities Commission hide from the truth?

Mr. Peter Harris

Mr. Christopher Burke


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