WholesomeCo First to Provide Instant Medical Card Verification for Medical Cannabis Patients

In its ongoing focus on the medical cannabis patient experience, WholesomeCo now provides instant medical cannabis card verification - making it even easier and faster for medical cannabis patients statewide to get their medicine

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WholesomeCo is proud to be the first medical cannabis pharmacy in Utah to offer instant online medical card verification for medical cannabis patients. In November 2018, with a growing body of science and research on medical marijuana health benefits on their side, Utahns voted to make medical cannabis legal.

While clearly an important step forward, the new legal status of cannabis comes with stipulations that ensure safe, quality medical cannabis for all Utahns. However, these stipulations include various steps to the process of getting a medical cannabis card, which can sometimes be difficult for patients to navigate. After meeting with a qualified medical provider, applying online, registering with the state, finding and receiving approval from a QMP and the state, and paying fees, a patient may finally receive their medical cannabis card. However, once they locate their desired cannabis pharmacy for purchase, they need to physically bring their medical card to purchase their cannabis or wait for an online approval prior to completing an online order. This can present additional hurdles if a patient forgets their card, or has to endure an additional wait time for card approval, further complicating the process of accessing the medicine they need.

This is where WholesomeCo comes in, as they are now the first and only Utah pharmacy to offer instant online medical cannabis card verification. This newly released feature of the online onboarding process instantly verifies a patient's medical card status, pre-approving them before they place their order to ensure a smooth process for purchase. Online instant verification is also crucial to streamline WholesomeCo's existing statewide delivery service, where new patients are registering online and never physically visit the pharmacy location.

This combined with the recent addition of debit cards as a payment method, and the expansion of home delivery to 99% of the state's population, adds to the ways WholesomeCo is proactively simplifying patient access to cannabis medicine. On the WholesomeCo website, you can find educational resources and determine which conditions qualify for a medical cannabis card. They continue to develop new services to provide the best and safest experience for their customers.

WholesomeCo is one of only two completely vertically integrated medical cannabis operators in Utah, with licensed businesses across each of the four steps of the supply chain. Various medical cannabis services are offered by the company, including statewide delivery to 99% of Utah's population, as well as retail, drive-thru, and online pick-up services through their pharmacy in West Bountiful. WholesomeCo is known for its technology-driven leadership and innovation in Utah's medical cannabis industry, a byproduct of its commitment to improving medical cannabis accessibility by putting patients' needs first.


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