Who Invented the Vacuum-Packing Technology?

The bed-in-a-box mattress business has really taken off recently and consumers are faced with lots of options for that perfect sleeping experience. But how long has vacuum-packing been around, really? And who are considered the pioneers of this technology? This phenomenal innovation of vacuum-packing in the mattress industry was designed and patented by no other than the Magniflex company back in 1986. For more than 30 years, Magniflex has been transforming the transporting and delivery methods of mattresses from country to country. Giuliani Magni, the founder of Magniflex, truly revolutionized the mattress industry and quickly gained momentum as the creator behind the top mattress manufacturer in Italy.

There are several benefits to vacuum-packing: it not only guarantees the hygiene and quality standards of the mattress from the factory to the final destination but it can reduce its volume up to 90%. With the help of this technology, more mattresses can be transported with the same shipment, resulting in fewer CO2 emissions and reducing the impact on the environment. Retailers also are pleased with the compact packaging that lets them store more products in their warehouse, guaranteeing the highest quality product to the customer. Research and innovation are some of the main factors that drive the company forward, and it is still as relevant today as it was 33 years ago.

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